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2022 New York City Marathon Recap: Kelly Rupinski

The New York City Marathon took place on November 6th. It is a massive event that was established in 1970 and is always held on the first Sunday of November. It has only been canceled twice – in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy, when many runners traveled to Staten Island and Brooklyn to support recovery efforts, and in 2020 due to COVID. In 2021, the pandemic precautions limited the number of competitors to 33,000, but this year 50,000 racers were expected. The marathon grew from 100 spectators watching 127 competitors in 1970 to the largest marathon in the world, with around 2 million spectators lining the course and millions watching it over ESPN broadcasting and online streaming as well.…

CMJ Music Marathon 2013

Dan Gidycz, MBA Class of 2014

As I mentioned elsewhere, I spent the bulk of October 15-19 ignoring all obligations personal and academic to attend the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon, which claims to be “NYC’s largest music event”, with 1,400 live performances spanning 80ish nightclubs and theaters, not to mention a pretty significant series of panel discussions and conference events. They’re mostly on the music industry and its ongoing changes, as well as info for managing and breaking unsigned bands into the industry.  It’s a buffet and crash course in all the things a young band needs to know to get sucked into the swirling blades of the Cuisinart that is the music business and spit out as a smooth, marketable pop-rock paste.…

Elizabeth Eats: Toro

Elizabeth Ginsburg, MBA Class of 2014

A lot of people roll their eyes at the tapas and small plates trend. There is no shortage of mediocre tapas restaurants and if you’re not a sharer then you’re definitely not a fan. Some people say small plates are overplayed, or you may find it cumbersome because you never know exactly how much to order. For this reason, I’m hesitant to characterize Toro, a newly opened restaurant on West 15th Street at 11th Avenue, as just a tapas restaurant. Point being, yes, Toro is a tapas restaurant, but it is one that warrants getting excited about.…

Brunch in the City!

pancakeJudy Shen, Langone MBA Class of 2013

Blue Water Grill
31 Union Square W
Looking to brunch in a relaxed yet proper setting, perhaps to bring your in-laws or date? You have to try this place! The Brunch menu boasts a variety of seafood selection, from lobster crab popover to crab cake benedicts. Prices are very reasonable once you factor in a complimentary alcoholic and hot beverage included with each brunch item. Also voted for the most expansive wine offerings in NYC, this restaurant is a good choice for business dinners.

80 Spring St
Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a Francophile and find all-things-French tres chic.…

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