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A Modern Cover Letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in securing an Associate of Synergies position at your firm. I believe my ultra-competitive, high-stress, and diversified dating experience provides me with the credentials needed to thrive as an Associate. Though I bring none of the relevant 10+ years of experience that you require in your application, I hope to demonstrate that the skills acquired from dating will highlight how I will add value to your team. 

Research and Analysis

Evaluating a potential mate is fraught with uncertainties, poor calculations and….overstatements let’s say. After investing four months into M only to find out he doesn’t believe in evolution, I established a more rigorous background check process before committing any future resources.…

Interview with James Rosenwald – Perspective from a Global Value Investor

Rosenwald PicMr. Rosenwald is Co-Chair of the Management Committee and Senior Portfolio Manager of Asian Equities at Dalton Investments. Dalton is a disciplined, value-oriented, global investment management firm committed to capital preservation and long-term growth. Mr. Rosenwald is a recognized authority in Pacific Rim investing with more than 30 years of investment experience. He holds an MBA from New York University and an AB from Vassar College. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Finance at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Conducted by Bryce Webster, MBA Class of 2015

When did you first become interested in investing? What was your first investment?

A few beers with Professor David Juran

Brett Baptist, MBA Class of 2013

Brett Baptist: So you just got back from a trip to baseball Spring Training in Florida. Who’s your team?

David Juran: The Dodgers, but I haven’t seen them play in a long time. They used to hold spring training in Florida but now they do it in Arizona.

Did you grow up in Los Angeles?

Southern California, about 80 miles from L.A in a town called Redlands, which is east of L.A. and halfway to Palm Springs. I went to UCLA for undergrad – America’s team.

Yet you went to Cornell? Must have been a shock to the system to go from southern California to Ithaca.

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