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Why we need cruciferous veggies in our fridges right now

What is it?

Derived from Cruciferae (Neo Latin) which literally means cross-bearing, this veggie family is named as such for the shape of their flowers, whose four petals resemble a cross. 

Cruciferous vegetables belong to Brassicaceae (also called Cruciferae), which includes the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, comprises approximately 375 genera, and over 3,000 species.

These bundles of wholesomeness are also famous as cole crops in North America, brassicas in Europe & Australia, also referred to as mustards or the cabbage family. 

Family Tree

These plants are selectively bred using Triangle of U for highly desired traits leading to many edible species gifted to us by previous generations.…

A Very Oppy Thanksgiving

Chelsea Colby, MBA Class of 2015

Well, it’s already November again, and your cooking skills have somehow neglected to miraculously improve themselves in time to impress your new friends/romantic companions/family members/that one weird family friend who is always invited to Thanksgiving dinner even though he never shuts up about his pet parrot’s stress-induced Rosacea.

But fear not!  I’m better at explaining cooking tips than I am at avoiding run-on sentences, and I’m here to help.  I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite holiday dishes, each appropriate for one of life’s many weird Thanksgiving scenarios.  If you’re serving more than 5-6 people, you’ll probably want to double these recipes.…

Elizabeth Eats: Toro

Elizabeth Ginsburg, MBA Class of 2014

A lot of people roll their eyes at the tapas and small plates trend. There is no shortage of mediocre tapas restaurants and if you’re not a sharer then you’re definitely not a fan. Some people say small plates are overplayed, or you may find it cumbersome because you never know exactly how much to order. For this reason, I’m hesitant to characterize Toro, a newly opened restaurant on West 15th Street at 11th Avenue, as just a tapas restaurant. Point being, yes, Toro is a tapas restaurant, but it is one that warrants getting excited about.…

Elizabeth’s 4 Picks on MacDougal Street

Elizabeth Ginsburg, Full-time MBA Class of 2014

If you have yet to check out the food offerings on MacDougal Street, just a few blocks west of Stern, get over there quickly. Though it may only be a 7 minute walk from K-MC, as the year wears on and the weather turns colder, you’ll find yourself less inclined to venture even that far for sustenance. The food there is miles better than anything that’s just across the street. And it’s practically the UN of food on a three block stretch. Any cuisine you could think of, they probably have it there. And to sweeten the deal, most of the offerings are crazy cheap.…

The Best New York Eats

A native offers his suggestions after 30 years in the city

After thirty years lived in New York I am finally prepared to say farewell, but before I do I would like to leave behind some recommendations gleaned from a lifetime’s eating in this great city.

In many ways I am indebted to my roots in the borough of Queens. Although I have lived in Manhattan for over a decade I have never considered the island to be synonymous with the city. This has proved advantageous for me since I find it no less of a stigma to pay a visit to the East Village than I do to stop off in East New York.…

Stern Eats Balade


I am very pleased to have experienced the beginnings of something that is very near and dear my heart and stomach: Stern Eats, the club-to-be for food. The group, which has been up and running on Facebook for over a month and has served as a forum to discuss restaurant recommendations and organize food outings, held its first formal event last week at Balade.

Balade is a Lebanese restaurant in the East Village, located on 1st Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets. The décor, with its mix of wood, Lebanese motif tiles and brick, evokes an atmosphere that is a blend of traditional and modern, old world meets new.…

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