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Posts tagged as “Fitness”

2022 New York City Marathon Recap: Kelly Rupinski

The New York City Marathon took place on November 6th. It is a massive event that was established in 1970 and is always held on the first Sunday of November. It has only been canceled twice – in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy, when many runners traveled to Staten Island and Brooklyn to support recovery efforts, and in 2020 due to COVID. In 2021, the pandemic precautions limited the number of competitors to 33,000, but this year 50,000 racers were expected. The marathon grew from 100 spectators watching 127 competitors in 1970 to the largest marathon in the world, with around 2 million spectators lining the course and millions watching it over ESPN broadcasting and online streaming as well.…

Today’s Fitness Lesson of Doom: You Are What You Eat

Muscle men (and women) and cardio kings (and queens) are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. Sure, hitting the elliptical, throwing weights around, jumping rope, or running down the west side highway are important, but nutrition is the base component of total body fitness. Nutrition provides the body with the fuel it needs for those awesome activities, and it also provides the nutrients for the body to grow and to repair itself. If you fail to feed your body enough protein, fats, and carbs or your idea of health food is Twinkies and Wonder bread, then you will only reap partial rewards from your strenuous activity.…

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