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Dear Sternies,

First, we want to acknowledge the incredible run our current editor-in-chief, Deirdre Keane, has had heading the resurrection and successful resurgence of The Oppy over the last two years. We don’t know many people who can save lives at their day job, attend night classes, run a bunch of marathons, and restart a newspaper from scratch all at the same time, especially during a pandemic. Do you? Thanks Deirdre for all you’ve done for The Oppy. We didn’t quite know how to continue without you, so we realized we needed two editors-in-chief to run this thing after you’re gone.…

Review Revue: Fight

In the days running up to the submission deadline for this issue of the Oppy, Courtney and Matt both sent me reviews of Jean-Marc Vallée’s Dallas Buyers Club, the heart-wrenching drama starring Matthew McConaughey and based on the true-life tale of Ron Woodroof. Rather than choose between them and risk losing the slighted columnist forever, I’ve decided to run both reviews and fill up most of this page.

True to Courtney’s typical style, her review is a no-nonsense professional job, which offers its bi-weekly breath of fresh air in what would otherwise be exclusively the stinky cloud of the Leonard N.

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