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Feed Our Hospitals: How a non-profit created in the early days of COVID-19 is impacting our New York City hospital workers and the restaurant industry

By Teresa Bruno

I sat down with Jessica Vernon, Lauren Smith and Kelsey Orem of Feed Our Hospitals to discuss their mission and the impact that they have made so far. 

Take a moment to put yourself in the shoes of a physician, a nurse or a respiratory therapist working on the front lines of COVID-19. As you imagine their typical day, you may be surprised at this fact – New York City’s healthcare providers do not have easy access to nutritious food. They cannot simply order a meal for themselves; it’s challenging enough to find a spare moment to eat.…

Networking Was Hard Then. What About Now?

By Rebecca Goldberg

Contrary to popular belief social distancing has its perks when it comes to networking. Follow these 5 tips and tricks to maximize your time while you are at home. 

Networking can be challenging even in the most ideal job market. And today, with the impact of COVID-19, it could be easy to say it’s just that much harder. However, there are ways to navigate this unique and unprecedented moment that might make the next few months more fruitful, productive, and fun than you originally anticipated. 

  1. Virtual Stalking Allowed: Regardless if you are currently employed or not, take this time to sign up for as many webinars, free events, and virtual conferences as possible.

Coronavirus & the Market: Part II

Note: Considering the potential market fluctuations throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, it should be noted this article was originally written on 4 April 2020.

These are unprecedented times. Shamefully, the biggest thing I first noticed was the lack of a long commute to work. It went from 80 minutes to 25 to 0, which was actually quite nice. Then I noticed how sad the cereal aisle looked. This is essentially the only place I’m allowed to go now. All kidding aside, I,  and probably most of us, fail to appreciate the full gravity of the pandemic at this point, and how it will affect the decades to come.…


Is it possible to feel sorry for cereal? Please, observe this woefully sad cereal aisle.

It has been thoroughly ravaged by us humans. We have first picked the best Cheerios, to the mediocre Oats, even down to third string Corn Flakes, but at Mermaid, we righteously draw the line.

One would happily supplant Mermaid with even wonder bread and spam. It’s barely a question.

But when does the new line need to be drawn? Is it vegemite? Is it baked bean hot dogs?

Where will this pandemic take us?

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Racism and COVID-19

As a self-professed germaphobe, the spread of COVID-19 has been distressing for me, to say the least. My mother, well aware of my quirks, recently sent me several masks with a note saying: “Wear when you go out.” 

I have yet to use one. 

Not because I’m irresponsible and feel that my (relative) youth protects me from the worst of the disease. No, on the contrary, I’m deeply scared. Not so much of the virus, but of being a target of a racist attack. A report by the FBI warned that “hate crime incidents against Asian Americans likely will surge across the United States, due to the spread of coronavirus disease … endangering Asian American communities.”…

COVID-19: the Pandemic

Since the last issue of The Oppy, COVID-19 has been labeled a pandemic, New York has gone into a state of emergency, and sheltering has been implemented. Yet, the incidents of COVID-19 continue to rise, and it is estimated we are another few weeks from the peak of cases. Our nation’s healthcare system is in crisis mode, and the supply chain is being ramped to its max to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators (respirators). New York City hospitals are making makeshift COVID units to expand capacity by at least 50%, as mandated by Governor Cuomo. Javits Center, U.S. Navy ship, Comfort, and other pop-up hospitals, such as the Good Samaritan tents in Central Park Meadows, are being utilized for the continuous overflow of patients needing urgent medical attention.…

Commencement in the Time of COVID

I find myself lamenting many facts about our new normal. Those exciting events that once felt like momentous occasions—graduations, weddings, and big vacations—feel insignificant in today’s context, when healthcare workers are struggling to find the necessary supplies to care for the sick and over 6 million Americans are filing for unemployment in one week.

Of course, I know it’s still natural to grieve for the loss of these milestones. I was personally so excited for my family to visit NYC for my MBA graduation. Their flights from Florida were already booked and their hotel reservations made. It would be my 10-month-old niece’s first trip on an airplane, my boyfriend’s family’s first time meeting my family, and my mom had won two tickets to Hamilton for us and would take me as a graduation present.…

Quarantine Reads from The Oppy Staff

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable quarantine. As we all figure out our new routines in these changing times, be it at a home desk or a couch lounge, a good book is never a bad idea. We asked the Oppy Staff for some of their favorite reads to get some new voices in your head as you navigate self-isolation. 

Conor Clark: VP of Marketing & Relations

The Plague

Albert Camus

A bit on the nose here, but Camus is a rockstar. Seriously, him and Donald Glover sit atop my life idols list. Not only does it capture the feelings many of us are feeling in an incredibly eloquent (albeit understated) way, but it also sheds light on the hidden blessings of a monotonous life. …

Netflix & Quarantine

What we’re watching to keep our minds off this pandemic…

Deirdre Keane – EiC

Schitt’s Creek

A rich New York family loses everything when their father is caught embezzling from his company. They move to a small, backwards town that the father had bought his son years ago as an “ironic joke.” These are 20-minute episodes on Netflix. Give yourself time to buy in on the characters and you will not regret it. This show has me continuously laughing. I want to be best friends with the son, David. 


I started this show a few years ago and I am proud to say that I am on season 10…quite the commitment for ~45-minute long episodes.…

Quarantined in California

Over the past couple of days, news outlets have been reporting that California and Washington state are showing early signs of progress due to early shelter-in-place measures. The two states were the first to implement social distancing measures, and localities have been cracking down on enforcing these regulations. I flew back home to California for spring break, and ended up getting locked down here when shelter-in-place was ordered. Everything, from the flight to SFO to the line at Costco, has felt like something out of an apocalyptic movie, starring me.

I’ve flown the EWR to SFO route dozens of times, and everytime without fail, the flight is overbooked and looking for volunteers to take another flight.…

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