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The Spooky Side of International Recruiting

Henry Donald, MBA Class of 2014

I remember being at the Fall Careers Fair during my first semester at Stern and talking to a recruiter from a boutique consulting firm for a good 15 minutes before asking about international student opportunities. We had talked about all sorts of things including the interview process, different internship projects, mentoring opportunities, etc, however as soon as I mentioned about being from New Zealand she quickly remarked that her company did not hire international students. I remember being very frustrated about having spent a fair amount of time speaking with her, especially since I have a strong accent and thought it was obvious I was not from the U.S.…

Elizabeth Eats: Toro

Elizabeth Ginsburg, MBA Class of 2014

A lot of people roll their eyes at the tapas and small plates trend. There is no shortage of mediocre tapas restaurants and if you’re not a sharer then you’re definitely not a fan. Some people say small plates are overplayed, or you may find it cumbersome because you never know exactly how much to order. For this reason, I’m hesitant to characterize Toro, a newly opened restaurant on West 15th Street at 11th Avenue, as just a tapas restaurant. Point being, yes, Toro is a tapas restaurant, but it is one that warrants getting excited about.…

Personalitini: Tales of Drinks and Dates / Bad Date Prevention

Liz Batsche, MBA Class of 2014

After a recent string of bad first dates, I’ve rethought how I’m approaching them. Is meeting in a potentially crowded bar the best strategy? Given the format of meeting for drinks, many of my dates turn into interviews or confessionals (fun story coming up!) The venue that you are in doesn’t give you or your date much inspiration. If you do not have natural chemistry, how do you deal with the potential awkwardness? You likely know some basic information about your date ahead of the meeting. Online dating profiles, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Searches can answer many questions you may already have ahead of your date.…

When Rankers Cause Rancor: Which Rankings Rule, and Which Are Rank

Tom Hamnett, MBA Class of 2014

A recent post by Benjamin (“Benji”) Pelled on the NYU Stern Class of 2014 Facebook page generated a Kloutastic 41 comments from fellow classmates. [Comments on posts in private groups do not generate K+ – Ed.] The topic?  A Forbes MBA ranking of NYU Stern at #23 among U.S. business schools.  What earned us such a low ranking?  Was Forbes upset that NYU had bought their 5th Avenue headquarters back in 2010?  Did Dean Henry turn their Boardroom into a personal half-court basketball gymnasium?  Perhaps, but the ranking that caused such rancor had nothing to do with those issues. …

Old Dog, New Trick

JB Reed learning to pop a wheelie on a Citibike
(featuring Craig Wilson)

“A triumph” – The New York Times
“Not to be missed” – Siskel and Ebert’s Ghosts
“Amazeballs” – Stern Opportunity…

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