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The Government Wants to Be Your Customer

Sebastian Vanderzeil, MBA Class of 2015
Executive AVP, Government and Business Association

The signal of governments can be hard to discern amidst the noise of the political cycle. But as future business leaders, understanding governments as regulators and consumers is essential. In 2012, consulting firms Deloitte LP and Accenture, organizations that perennially recruit from Stern, generated $1,089 million and $900 million respectively as contractors for the Federal Government*.

This essay is not a discussion about the size of government, despite this being an important conversation in its own right. Its purpose is to look beyond the budget negotiations, debt-ceiling standoffs, and recent healthcare debates.…

Interview with Sonia Marciano

A conversation with Professor Sonia Marciano on her career, Lean In, and the future of television – Part 2

Brett Baptist, MBA Class of 2013
Conducted on April 2, 2013

SM: I think this is a fair question: Do genders exhibit proclivities in one direction or another?  I believe the research is pretty confounded – but I like the question.  Perhaps there is justifiable gender bias – I think if we each perform the jobs in which we exhibit above average ability in key success drivers for that job, everyone is better off.  This conversation could be read all wrong, so let me be clear – I don’t know if there are gender-based proclivities. …

On Marketing, Millennials, and the 2013 GMA Conference

Alex Reicherter, MBA Class of 2014

Marketers.  You know us.  We’re the so-called poets of business school.  The undergrad English and Psychology majors.  The ones who bought and learned how to use a financial calculator a few weeks before their first finance test.

If you took or are taking Professor Carr’s Marketing class, hopefully you learned that the purpose of business is to create customers, and that marketing is instrumental in winning and retaining them.  You can’t be successful in finance, or consulting, or entrepreneurship, without a grasp of how to understand and influence your consumers.  With that in mind, here are some great reasons (in addition to the incredible goodie bag) to attend the 2013 GMA Conference on Friday, November 8th at the Kimmel Center.…

KW’s Guide to Charity Ball

Krystal Walker, MBA Class of 2014

November’s sudden arrival has caused me to ponder several things: Where the heck did the last 10 months go? Felt like it was just yesterday I was in Dallas, questioning whether or not I wanted to sell Doritos for the rest of my life? Did skipping all those social events at the beginning of the semester really make me more effective at recruiting? What am I going to wear to Charity Ball? Okay I may or may not have been pondering that last one since the start of October. Charity Ball is one of my favorite events at Stern.…

Gidycz Reviews: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Dan Gidycz, MBA Class of 2014

A casual fan of The Opera, I often avail myself of the Met’s steeply discounted student tickets. ( I find a certain enjoyment in listening to a man who sings with overwhelming force, filling an enormous concert hall – besting the din of a full orchestra – on subjects dear to me such as demons, murder, betrayal, lust… I freely admit that it’s not for everyone, but it gets me going.

And then there’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a play with which I’m quite familiar, and think know is hilarious. I wasn’t exactly sure what would be involved in what I expected to be a comedic opera, but figured it must share at least some of those things I enjoy.…

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