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Personalitini: Tales of Drinks and Dates / Vegas Baby

Liz Batsche, MBA Class of 2014

I made a great decision recently: going to Las Vegas with the Stern Adventures Club. Although I had visited Sin City previously, I knew this trip would be different. My first visit, a surprise 30th birthday for my brother with my parents included in the festivities, was fairly tame. I did live on the edge a bit; I took my brother to see PEEPSHOW with Holly Madison. While it was fun, it was also incredibly awkward at times. I guess I did not fully think out seeing a nude show with my brother. Oops. My next visit was with a large group of Sternies this past May.…

Lou Reed is Dead

Karibi Dagogo-Jack, MBA Class of 2014

KaribiKaribiA week after the CMJ music festival, Lou Reed died. Lou Reed was the creator of the stunningly influential proto punk band, the Velvet Underground. Brian Eno once quipped that everyone that bought VU’s first album started a band. Mr. Reed was also a convenient analogy for New York City. His age was clearly etched in his features, but so was his vitality. Like so many of The City’s institutions, he was a disorienting and reassuring blend of permanence and transience. His work often punctuated the simple and stark with moments of florid beauty – like catching Washington Square Park in your periphery.…

Rizzo Reviews: Kurt Elling at Birdland

Courtney Rizzo, MBA Class of 2015

If you have not seen live jazz in New York City yet, go. Hearing and seeing good jazz inspires you to be more creative in every part of your own life. There are venues with great historical significance to the jazz scene within steps of NYU, namely the Blue Note, but my outing was up in Midtown, at Birdland.

Most jazz venues like Birdland are a date night package put together for you. It’s a cultured night out at fraction of what a Broadway show costs, and you can eat and drink through the performance.…

Notes From KW

Krystal Walker, MBA Class of 2014

In honor of the Oppy’s Music issue I decided to describe the last year and a half of my life via a playlist. . It’s a mix of Drake, Chaka Khan, Miley Cyrus, Gotye, Guns N’ Roses and Beyonce… you’re welcome.

Getting into Stern

Getting off the waitlist and being accepted into Stern
Song: “Love on Top”
Artist: Beyonce
Key Lyrics: “Baby, baby, its you, you’re the one I want, you’re the one I need, you’re the only I see. Come on baby it’s you…when I need you, you make everything stop, finally you put my love on top.”…

One Veteran’s Perspective

Lindsey Melki, MBA/MPA Class of 2015

I grew up in New Jersey, but never heard of West Point until my junior year of high school.  I was shopping around for colleges when I met a West Point cadet.  Sure, the physical, mental, and emotional challenge, the idea of being part of something bigger than myself, were all reasons why I was drawn to West Point.  But coming from a middle class family, the whole truth is that a free, world-class education coupled with a guaranteed job after graduation sounded terrific.  Plus, in 2000, the year I began my journey at West Point, the world was as close to peace as we may ever see in our lifetimes. …

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