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"Here are some of the things you could buy with two hundred thousand dollars."

Dan Gilmore, Full-time MBA Class of 2014

  • Four perfectly nice weddings, or basically up to 20 perfectly nice weddings if you’re comfortable thinking creatively. (More than 20 and you’re probably going to have to make some noticeable concessions.)
  • 3.33 years of a Harvard education (you could probably push it to four if you studied abroad in some terrible backwater for a semester or year on the super-cheap).
  • A ticket for every resident of Western Springs, Illinois to see One Direction’s This Is Us 3D at AMC Empire 25 in Times Square (service charge included).
  • A loyal shelter dog to lick away your tears, and two walks a day for the rest of her natural life from the Upper East Side’s Puptopia.

Notes From KW

Krystal Walker, Full-time MBA Class of 2014

The combination of having spent the summer away from NYC and not knowing where I’ll be once this MBA experience ends next year, has set me on a mission to make the most of my time in New York. This goal has taken the form of a Stern Bucket List. Items on the Bucket List range from visiting some of NYC’s hotspots to finding out what Dean Henry carries in his backpack. Having returned to the city two weeks before classes start, I attempted to squeeze in some quintessential NY Summer activities before the onslaught of classes and recruiting began. …

Opportunity Club Kickoff Meeting!


Interested in getting involved with the Oppy? Attend our kickoff meeting on September 10th at 5:15 in KMC 1-70!

We’ll have snacks, editors, rollicking good times, and answers to all your newspaper related questions.  We’re looking for Full Time and Langone students to contribute with writing, photography, editing, ad sales, and anything else you want to send!

RSVP on Campus Groups and we’ll see you there!

Stern Cribs – Q&A

Taffi Woolward

What neighborhood do you live in?
Financial District.

Why did you choose to live there? And what do you love about the neighborhood?
I am less than 3 blocks away from 4 major subway lines. The neighborhood is peaceful at night and I have an amazing view of Battery Park City and the Hudson River.

How did you find your apartment?

Do you live with a roommate? If so, how did you find him or her?
No I live alone.

How many rooms does your apartment have?
It’s a large studio.

How long is your commute to school?

Learning From Game of Thrones

What House Lannister and House Stark can teach us about branding

I’m constantly amazed by how much drama can teach us about the life. And the Game of Thrones television series is a case in point.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the HBO series, based on the epic fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin, is wildly popular right now. It works well not only because it draws upon the excellent (and extensive) source material but also, but also because, as Andy Greenwald of Grantland observes, the show turns a “straightforward fantasy epic of succession and betrayal” into a “multi-layered drama about institutional failure.”…

Notes from KW

Krystal Walker, MBA Class of 2014

Sometimes all it takes is one bad day to make you rethink your decision to attend Stern. My bad day included seeing my grade on Damodaran’s Corporate Finance final. It was a classic case of the result not matching the effort exerted and it led me down a rabbit hole of regret. As I thought of the thousands of dollars spent, the countless all-nighters, and the earnings foregone, I was overcome with the feeling that I had made a costly mistake; one that I would be paying off the rest of my adult life. While these thoughts mounted in my mind, I looked for a distraction, which Facebook faithfully delivered.…

Answers to New Sternies Frequently Asked Questions

Dan Gidycz, MBA Class of 2014

Here you are! Newly arrived from around the world and across the street, bright eyed and confused about just what exactly it is that you’ve gotten yourself into. And all that is just great – you’re going to learn a whole mess about what does and does not constitute business casual attire, and probably also that hangovers last twice as long at 27 as they did at 19.

Good for you.

But chances are you have some burning questions!

For example, you probably want to know how to plan a networking strategy to guarantee a meaningful audience with recruiters and executives at both Apple and Goldman, or how to maximize the value of your tuition dollars by taking classes that offer training with the greatest applicability and longest shelf-life.…

Five Delicious Summer Desserts

10 lbs. and many desserts later, summer is officially over.  I explored all things desserts in multiple locations over the past three months, from New York to Dallas to LA.  Here is a list of five places that I would recommend, if you ever find yourself in the area.

5. Oldie but Goodie: Diddy Riese
926 Broxton Avenue
Westwood, CA
What could be better than Dreyer’s Ice Cream sandwiched between two delicious cookies, all for $1.50?  Yes, for you native Californians, the price has increased 50% since the good old days when it was priced at $1.00… But seriously, it’s still just $1.50! …

If I Could Be Like @Jack

On March 1, we were fortunate to have Jack Dorsey as the keynote speaker of the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival. Jack has developed cult-like status in the tech entrepreneurship community and it was easy to see why.  He inspired the crowd with his stories on the origins of Twitter and Square and his thoughts on good design.  He spoke impressively and answered questions on a broad range of topics related to starting and growing his ventures.

Throw in his good looks and it is no wonder why budding entrepreneurs want to be like Jack.

While I hope that the next Jack Dorsey was sitting somewhere in that NYU crowd, I imagine that more than half of the people in the room are never going to start their own business.…

Hungry for Hungary?


Upon arrival to the Art’otel, our gorgeous, Danube River facing hotel in Budapest, we soon learned that one of the best restaurants in the city was half a block away.  Indulging in these traditional and local fish stews was an amazing way to kick off our week in Budapest and set the tone for the rest of our trip.

The night before classes started we took a bus tour of the city where we quickly learned that Budapest is actually two cities, Buda and Pest, split by the Danube River.  We ended our tour on the Buda side at the spectacular Buda Castle. …

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