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Personalitini: Tales of Drinks and Dates

Liz Batsche, MBA Class of 2014


Welcome to New York City! Welcome to Stern! Welcome to a Dating Challenging Environment!

Hello there! Sit down, pour yourself a drink and get comfortable! My name is Liz Batsche and I’m an MBA2. Don’t worry, you can introduce yourself later. You may be wondering, what the !@#$ does Personalitini mean? I think I may need to clarify since one time on an OKCupid date (more on that later) I was asked if this meant I had a tiny (“tini”) personality. This date not only lacked intelligence but the resemblance of his posted photos; I am typically down for a surprise, but not in this case!…

Launch Cliff – Will It Happen to Me?

Cassidy Morris, MBA Class of 2014

The short answer is Yes, Launch Cliff will happen to you, NYU Stern Class of 2015. Everyone will experience Launch Cliff in some way. It might be right after the final event on Thursday, August 27 or after the first full day of classes on September 3 or after the OCD emails start arriving. Regardless of when, just know it will happen.

Launch Cliff is when reality sets in, and the motivational wave you ride high into the first semester crashes against core course requirements, club board positions and events, recruiting and networking, or making friends at Beer Blast or over a WBL (white-boxed lunch).…

The Best New York Eats

A native offers his suggestions after 30 years in the city

After thirty years lived in New York I am finally prepared to say farewell, but before I do I would like to leave behind some recommendations gleaned from a lifetime’s eating in this great city.

In many ways I am indebted to my roots in the borough of Queens. Although I have lived in Manhattan for over a decade I have never considered the island to be synonymous with the city. This has proved advantageous for me since I find it no less of a stigma to pay a visit to the East Village than I do to stop off in East New York.…

Exploring The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with EEX Consulting

Shannon Womack, Full-time MBA Class of 2014

shay-wo jbreed

YOU are an entrepreneur. Yes, you. No, seriously. Entrepreneurship is not limited to Ivy League dropouts who only wear shorts and t-shirts. I’m proof of this. Dontae, our co-president? Maybe not so much 🙂

Anyways, I say this to let you know that EEX casts a wide net when it comes to how we define entrepreneurship. Whether you’re looking to find a job within an organization, you want to start an organization of your own or you want a full-time job with a ‘side hustle’, we recognize that there are many ways to be entrepreneurial and it’s our goal to provide you with tangible opportunities to do so… in whichever way is right for you.…

Village Coffee Guide

Dan Gidycz, Full-time MBA Class of 2014

Sure, you’re feeling refreshed and energized after your summer, or excited to kickoff the year after LAUNCH, but recruiting and club kickoffs and 9am Statistics classes are going to catch up with you eventually. You’re going to want coffee.

Lucky for you, I’m an outrageous coffee snob with a leeeeittle bit of a caffeine addiction. So I have thoroughly explored the neighborhood’s offerings, and collected my opinions for you here.

I admit to sharing my favorites somewhat reluctantly, self-interested business student that I am, because frankly I don’t need you clogging up the line and embarrassing me by saying ‘hi’ right after your ridiculous venti decaf vanilla peppermint mocha order.…

Stern Calendar

We’re extremely happy to announce that the Oppy is hosting and updating an easy to use public Google Calendar for all the goings on around Stern.  Start by using it to find all your official and unofficial LAUNCH activities, then club events and maybe even some recruiting.  Finally everything you wanted for your schedule, right in an easy to use Google Calendar!

Just click the little  Screen shot 2013 07 27 at 9 57 38 PM  to add it to your own calendar.

If you’re hosting an event you want us to add – just email us!…

NYU’s 2nd Entrepreneurs Festival

The 2nd annual NYU Entrepreneurs Festival was a sold out show with 750 attendees and keynote speakers including Jack Dorsey, Herb Kelleher, Alexander Douzet, and Rachel Stern Hoat. Students, faculty, alumni, startup founders and venture capital investors gathered to share experiences and gain insights, while some eagerly searched for the secret formula to entrepreneurial success.

The show opened with Herb Kelleher, co-founder, Chairman Emeritus, and former CEO of Southwest Airlines. A charismatic leader, Mr. Kelleher differentiated Southwest Airlines from competitors by creating an innovative business model with low-cost, point-to-point flight offerings. He also fostered a unique and fun culture where staff members were encouraged to bring their personality to work.…

Personalitini: Tales of Drinks and Dates / To Creep or To Commit?

Liz Batsche, Full-Time MBA Class of 2014


How many times have you heard the cliché “it’s more of an art than a science”? I’ve heard it frequently. Whether you’re discussing the dynamics of entering a networking circle or figuring out how to do well in Galloway’s Brand Strategy class, the “art vs. science” response is almost expected. With this in mind, I’d like to discuss flirting or, as I affectionately like to call it, “creeping” (more on the “to commit” part later). What is the art vs. science of creeping? More importantly, what if I were hypothetically applying this information to Stern’s new MBA1s?…

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