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Posts published in “Volume 58”

Stern Singles Presents: Sarah Gilson

The weather is turning crisp, but this batch of Stern Singles is hot, hot, HOT. Our first bachelorette of the academic season is MBA2, Sarah Gilson! Sarah is a ride or die friend, someone you can call in the middle of the night if you find yourself stranded or in trouble. Sarah prefers savory to sweet, and believes that champagne is acceptable at any time of the day. Her wardrobe is almost all black, no matter the season.

Sternie Testimonials:

“Even after a full remote year, Sarah was an enthusiastic orientation leader for MBA1s showcasing that she has a warm and sweet soul that loves to connect with people.”

The Next Step: Rob Murray & Stripe

‘The Next Step,’ is a monthly series that features recent graduates who’ve made exciting moves after Stern. We hope that their stories will inspire and excite you about what’s next.  

This month, we are featuring Rob Murray (‘20), a former Stern Venture Fellow who found his post-graduation bliss driving growth at Stripe, a technology company that builds payments infrastructure for the internet. I sat down with Rob (virtually, of course) on a sunny September afternoon to talk about his passion for Fintech, his relentless curiosity and his advice for finding the ‘next big thing.’

Ok, we’ll start off with an easy question.

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