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Posts published in “Volume 58”

Enable Stern: Bridging a Gap

The World Health Organization reported that rates of depression and anxiety have gone up by over 25% during the pandemic. Workers all over the world are citing deteriorating mental health as the top reason for leaving their jobs amidst the great resignation. Research has shown that disabled students are the least represented group in business schools. These shocking disparities in the workplaces and schools can often be traced back to schools not providing students with adequate resources. Most schools have an enormous gap when it comes to affinity groups and clubs that address the needs of students who are disabled or live with mental illness.…

Contemplation #1: First Follower’s Indispensability


What if I said that to effect any change, any movement, any revolution, there is someone as indispensable as the Leader? Derek Sivers proposed in his TED Talk that in a push for change, the first follower is that indispensable entity without whom movements cannot occur. I first came across this concept in Professor’s North’s ‘Leadership in Organizations’ class and was taken aback at how obvious and underappreciated this phenomenon was.

“If the leader is the flint, the first follower is the spark that makes the fire… Leadership is over-glorified.” – Derek Sivers

The first follower brings legitimacy to a leader’s idea.…

B-School Newspaper Coalition: March 2022 Roundup

Last year, The Oppy reached out to other business school newspapers around the country to get a sense of how they’re running their papers. After meeting with several editors-in-chief from MBA programs, we decided to form a coalition with a small but growing group of top graduate business schools. We are going to share some of their best articles from their monthly issues.

For March, we have ChiBus, the newspaper from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Some of their more interesting reads:

From the Archive: The Future of Work – An Interview with The Economist’s Callum Williams

As we slowly emerge from the shadow of the pandemic, Booth students interview The Economist’s Callum Williams to understand more about the major trends that will shape the future of work post Covid.

Books You Missed: Last Resort by Andrew Lipstein – A Review

You will enjoy this if: You have read The Plot and wished it focused more on the legal and ethical nuances of writing, you enjoy flawed characters making dubious decisions, you enjoy novels about novels!

Caleb’s wildest dreams are about to come true: he is going to become a published author.

There’s just one problem though. It may not be his story to tell.

Of late, there seems to be an influx of fiction with one writer stealing another’s work, The Plot being one of the more popular releases from 2021. Where The Plot collapses under the weight of its own hubris (a plot of a lifetime!…

Stern Descends on Breckenridge for an Epic Ski Trip

By Guillaume Bouyoux and Anna Garrison

In the final days of winter break, over 180 Sternies took over Breckenridge, Colorado in honor of snow sports and mountain festivities. Friends reconnected, bankers and consultants re-emerged from interviews (or wrapped up final interviews in the early morning hours of Mountain Standard Time), hot tubs overflowed, skiers and snowboarders carved up Peaks 6-10,  and the TBar will never be the same. The week started with excellent groomed conditions, but things really picked up with Tuesday’s fresh powder dump which started around midnight and continued all day. Sternies flexed their unique interpretations of ski attire on the trip’s Costume Day (shoutout to the zebra, piñata, fairies, and the all-neon getups).…

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