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Posts published in “Issue 5: February 2022”

Reactions to Remote Learning

Coming back from winter break to, in some cases, entirely virtual classes has caused a wide range of reactions from Sternies. Some are all for remote learning, some are entirely against it and others would like a hybrid option. Mixed feelings, such as the frustration of not being able to meet with our peers and professors, and relief over reducing the risk of exposure to Omicron, abound. One thing is clear though, we all want to be with those we have forged special connections with in a safe environment and in a way that enhances the Stern experience, not only for current MBA students but also for future generations. …

Highs and Lows of my MBA experience

By: Gordon Fan

The most memorable part of my MBA was my summer internship with Amazon in Seattle. It was an eye-opener to work with luxury coffee machine brands as a vendor manager for three months, from managing entire business brands to experiencing big-tech burnout corporate culture. I also made new friends from other MBA schools and strengthened bonds with my own classmates. We would all discuss our “10-pager final documents” while hiking on Mount Rainier. As a New Yorker, it was awesome to live the west-coast lifestyle.

The not-so-great part of our MBA was of course navigating social scenes during a pandemic.…

What on Earth is Kyrsten Sinema doing?

Look. If you’re actually reading this column, or have any passing familiarity with what I typically write about, you probably already have a more-than-casual understanding of the political scene or, as I’ve said before, you’re my mother. You’re definitely not my wife, which I can say with some certainty.

If you are, in fact, not my mother, which is highly probable if we consider the global population and highly improbable if we consider my readership, then you fall in that first group. That means you don’t really need me to illuminate that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s defense of the filibuster makes no sense.…

Stern Singles Presents: Aakoo Hans

Folks, Valentine’s Day is a-coming and we have another edition of Stern Singles for you. We are excited to introduce Stern bachelor, Aakoo Hans. If you would like to nominate a classmate (or yourself) for future features of the Stern Spotlight, please email the Oppy staff at or fill out this form.

I had the good fortune of meeting Aakoo a few weeks ago on the Stern Ski Trip. Being one of the few other Langone students on the trip, we infiltrated the full-timer groups and partied as if we weren’t returning to full time jobs and being inundated with work emails.

Stern Singles Presents: Elena Politiski

Sternie testimonials:

“Elena is smart, funny, and an overall great person. She’s  extremely down to earth and chill and the type of person that’s always down to talk and build her friends up!” 

“Elena’s the best. She was one of my first friends at Stern and I’ve been lucky enough to work with her in a few different classes since we started the program in 2020. She was a lifesaver during our Accounting class, and her positive attitude and sense of humor give me something to look forward to every day when I show up to class or group projects. Most importantly, I’m grateful to have her in my life, and anyone who’s lucky enough to meet her will be eager for the opportunity to get to know her better.” 

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