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Posts published in “Issue 2: October 2021”

Full-time MBAs rewind time as Prom Royalty at Fall Ball

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

This past Thursday, full-time MBA students attended the annual Fall Ball at the iconic Bowery Hotel in Manhattan. This year’s theme was “Prom Night,” enabling us to relive some of our favorite high school memories or, more likely, nightmares. The venue was beautifully decorated with balloons, photo booths and old prom pictures from our fellow Sternies displayed in all their glory. Per prom tradition, we also had prom royalty.
I had the privilege of speaking with our student-elected prom royalty: Paul Rothenberger and John Benson, both veterans, both sexy.

Congratulations on being chosen as prom royalty, Paul!

The Admin View: Vice Dean Eggers on Stern’s big fall return

Remembering to fill out the Daily Screener may seem like a pain, but for the average Stern student, the return to in-person instruction has been an invigorating and relatively seamless experience. Just remember to bring your mask to KMC. 

However, planning a safe return to on-campus learning as the Covid-19 Pandemic drags on is no simple task. This month, The Oppy spoke with Vice Dean of MBA and Graduate Programs J.P. Eggers about the complex process of preparing Stern to be fully in-person this fall. It turns out that while you were taking photos of your vaxx card, multiple groups across campus, with a guiding hand from NYU’s Covid Prevention Response Team, were figuring out the logistics for making school feel like school again.…

Close this browser tab and stop reading the news

Just kidding. My thoughts aren’t news and we’re desperate for clicks. Please read all of this — multiple times even! — and then stay tuned for my follow-up columns “Dave got writer’s block, you’ll never believe what happened next!” and “What Janet Yellen’s monetary philosophy means for your portfolio as told by 16 photos of adorable cats in Halloween costumes.”

That second one is going to be a real doozy. You don’t want to miss it.

Look, I don’t know if you’re exhausted by reading political hot takes. Maybe, like a sane person, you don’t consume the same volume of instant-gratification-fueled media that I do.…

Dear Oppy: October 2021

We are proud to continue our agony advice column, Dear Oppy: B-School Advice for the Everyday Sternie – “real questions, terrible advice.”

The Oppy can be quite Stern at times but is here to answer the queries and qualms of all MBA students so send them his/her/their way at [email protected] or fill this out, anonymously.

Dear Oppy,

I’m writing in response to your Prom question. Burning Heart is a friend of mine, but what she doesn’t realize is that the object of her desires is also mine. I was there when she lit the fire…but the fire in my heart was already burning bright. 

Tricking yourself into liking running

If you told me a decade ago that I was going to turn into a crazy marathoner, I would have laughed at you. I couldn’t even run a mile; there was no way I’d ever run 26 of them. But life has a funny way of working out, and here I am ten years later having run 32 marathons, two virtual ones, and one ultra-marathon. 

I know, that sounds like a massive humblebrag, but my point is nearly anyone can become a runner. In my opinion, running is 40% physical and 60% mental. With marathon season upon us, I wanted to give some tips on how you, too, can trick yourself into loving running. …

Sports are back! Like for real!

Ok, look. I know sports have actually been back for some time. In fact, Major League Baseball has allowed full attendance for months now, with some folks like myself attending many more New York Mets games than your doctor would recommend. In a global environment in which sharing physical space with strangers is, at best, a questionable choice, I somehow managed to go to baseball games in five different stadiums across four cities this year.

I’m not saying it was wise. I’m just saying it was possible.

Still, this fall is cause for celebration in the sports world, and here’s why.…

What Is a Semiconductor and Why Should You Care?

Being in business school, or at least being someone who reads a business school newspaper, you know how important semiconductors are in the modern economy. You know that they are a critical component for everything that uses electronic chips to operate (which is everything) and that the largest nations like the U.S. and China see the semiconductor supply chain as critical to operating their economies and to maintaining national security. It recently occurred to me though that I didn’t know what a semiconductor actually is. Call me a stickler for details, but I think it is important to know what a thing is when that thing affects hundreds of billions of dollars every year and receives a high level of scrutiny from every major government.…

Clean beauty challenge

By Tian Lan, Ph. D.

Data source:

If you bought some cosmetic products for yourself or someone else in the past few years, you may notice the so-called clean beauty cosmetics have become quite popular. These products are often marketed with claims including, but are limited to, vegan, organic, green, natural, cruelty-free, paraben free, silicone free, sulfate free, etc. While some of these phrases may sound relatively foreign, the other phrases definitely echo popular sustainability concepts and therefore appear as the perfect choice. However, after doing some research, I realize that this clean beauty concept is quite complicated even for people who use cosmetics routinely.…

Stern Singles Presents: Caitlin Wolfe

Meet Caitlin Wolfe, MBA student and TikTok personality. When I asked Caitlin to describe herself, she said, “I tend to be the loudest person in a room and the last person to leave a party. Part diva, part tomboy. COVID lockdowns kicked off my quarter life crisis so here I am getting my MBA! East Coaster, turned Midwesterner, turned back to an East Coaster.” It may be the best elevator pitch I’ve ever heard.

Sternie Testimonials:

“Caitlin is the life of any party she walks into, by bringing up the energy level and always finding a way to have the best time with both friends and strangers.”

Stern Singles Presents: Nathan Silverglate

It is October, meaning we are in the thick of the fall semester, and in the onset of cuffing season. What’s that? It’s time for another Stern Singles feature? You read that right. This month we have Nathan Silverglate, who was nominated by his classmates. If you’re adventurous and looking for a partner who will take amazing photos of you with his photography skills, keep on reading.

Sternie Testimonials:

“The perfect girl for Nate would be a noblewoman of Rohan who considers herself to be her own shieldmaiden, slayer of Nazgul. Or, simply an adventurous lady with a sense of humor.

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