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Posts published in “Issue 8: May 2021”

A-Lad in B School Review

By Kathleen Dillon

A-Lad in B School 

Directed by David Granik and Morgan Salvan 

Comedy, Musical 

2 hrs. 17 min. 

Tom Hanks once said that “cinema has the power to make you feel not lonely.” 

In a school year that’s been defined by all things virtual and a general feeling of isolation, Stern Follies offered students a night of respite and near normalcy on Friday. Stern’s annual comedy showcase was screened to a live audience at Paulson Auditorium, a seminar hall that’s typically home to Corporate Finance classes and LAUNCH lectures. But that night, the space was repurposed into a makeshift movie premiere.…

Stern Chats

Years ago, The Oppy and Stern Chats, Stern’s MBA student-run podcast, were one. The two organizations were considered a single club, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the pair drifted apart. Now, with new leadership and a pursuit initiated by The Oppy that walked the fine line between perseverance and stubbornness, we are excited to announce that The Oppy and Stern Chats are partners once again. As the two media platforms on campus, we plan on sharing resources, cross-promoting, and hosting events together as the new school year approaches.

Longtime podcast lover Jennifer Evensen, a full time MBA 1 student, has just been elected the new President of Stern Chats for the upcoming year.…

B-school Newspaper Coalition: Harvard Business School’s Harbus

This year, The Oppy started to reach out to other business school newspapers around the country to get a sense of how they’re running their school papers. After meeting with several editors-in-chief from MBA programs, we are excited to announce we will be forming a coalition with a small but hopefully growing group of top graduate business schools. We are planning to partner up for future events and feature students from our partner schools. This month we bring you Noelia Lombardo Gava, MBA1 at HBS and editor-in-chief of their MBA newspaper, The Harbus.


The Harbus is the independent, non-profit news organization of Harvard Business School.…


If you happen to stumble upon the Instagram account “TheMBAcohort” or you were contacted via direct message, you’ll see an account filled with students from various graduate business programs and backgrounds sharing their past experiences and fun facts. The creator, Kristina S, a part-time business student at University of Connecticut, wanted to establish a platform that can help connect MBA students around the world while creating relatable, funny content that speaks to the woes and joy of being an MBA student.

Can you give us a quick background on your MBA program and specialization?

I’m a part-time MBA candidate at UConn, Stamford campus.…

An MBAs guide to Taylor Swift’s discography

About two weeks ago, we got an email from our Editor-in-Chief with deadlines for the May Oppy release. Usually, Deirdre Keane, DNP, MSN, FNP-BC, NP-C, CCRN, CPN, WCC’s e-mail signature screams enough “Yes you do have enough time to write” on its own, but this came with an extra plug: 

“For those of you graduating, remember this is your last chance to leave your legacy.”

Legacy? The best part about my experience with the Oppy is pretending to know how to write while practicing on pretty much whatever seems fun. I’m happy to take advantage of the editorial discretion while I can. …

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