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Posts published in “Issue 6: March 2021”

The Graduate: Ben Sesser

“It’s a lifestyle decision, a different path. There are great parts of it and really challenging parts of it. If you look at probability, it’s not going to be the most lucrative and it’s not gonna be the easiest. But you’re doing it because you cannot not start a company.” – Ben Sesser

The Oppy is reconnecting with some prominent NYU Stern alumni with our ‘Graduate’ series. Each month, we’ll interview notable alum that have made an impact on their community and industry.

This month, we’re bringing you the story of NYU alumnus Ben Sesser (‘12), co-founder and CEO of the startup BrightHire.…

OppyArts Spotlight: Donnie Aki

Welcome to another installment of OppyArts Spotlight, where the Oppy highlights exceptional artists navigating the Corona environment, showcases their creative process, and searches for ways for MBA students to get involved in their local arts communities. This month’s feature is LA-based musician Donnie Aki.

Donnie started his career in early 2020 and had to quickly shift and adapt to a pandemic paradigm. Since his debut, he’s put out multiple singles and been featured in a number of collaborations with other LA-based artists. His recent release, “Rich Lovin,” already recorded over 300k streams on Spotify alone and led to his first music video, which I must say, is just a delight.…

Tales from the Couch: Lessons Learned from Virtual Recruiting

By Tyler Steil

It was a typical morning during my consulting interview season, and I was going through the same routine that I had employed all month. I had worked out, eaten breakfast, and reviewed my notes to prepare for the upcoming interview I had that day. An hour before my interview began, I started to change into my suit. I slipped on my pressed navy pants and white dress shirt. I struggled with my tie three different times until I was satisfied with the outcome of the knot, and then carefully, so as not to wrinkle the shirt, put on my coat.…

Stern Hobbies: Bookstagram

As part of our new “Stern Hobbies” series, The Oppy is taking a look at off-the-beaten-path interests among some of our classmates at Stern. If you have a hobby you would like to write or be interviewed about, please e-mail the Oppy at [email protected]. Today’s feature is a Q&A with MBA student, Natasha Raskin.

Natasha Raskin lives in two worlds, one is the world of books. Whether it’s a murder mystery, historical fiction or a biography, she has always found comfort and joy in reading. 

In the spring of 2018, Raskin and her friend, Madeleine Boyce, decided to start an Instagram account dedicated to book recommendations and reviews.…

Stern Hobbies: Culinary Arts

As part of our new “Stern Hobbies” series, The Oppy is taking a look at off-the-beaten-path interests among some of our classmates at Stern. If you have a hobby you would like to write or be interviewed about, please e-mail the Oppy at [email protected]. Today’s feature is a Q&A with MBA2 and home chef extraordinaire, Michael Jarboe.

Michael Jarboe likes to keep things spicy. While stationed in Italy as a Submarine Officer in the US Navy, Jarboe developed a passion for all things culinary and began trying to concoct the perfect chili sauce. After some trial and error, Jarboe’s Chili Crisp was born.…

Meet the New SGov Co-Presidents!

By Bucky Aronoff and Brittany Bui

Unlike any prior class at Stern, a hybrid/remote business school experience is all we know. All of us likely arrived at LAUNCH over the summer with high hopes and expectations of returning to normalcy, and a plan to make our first semester great no matter the circumstances. Although our class is spread around the world, we have found ways online and off to support each other through these unprecedented times. We have gone through what might be the most unusual and uncertain year of our lives together and, despite this, we have managed to achieve great things. …

The (St)Art of Public Speaking: Embracing small talk and continuing stalled conversations

Some people are innately good at public speaking. The rest of us, unfortunately, have to work at it. Public speaking has never been something I’ve felt proficient in and, thanks to some free time during the pandemic, it’s a skill I’m trying to develop. From reading books, listening to podcasts, and sometimes talking to myself (all in the name of practice of course), I am sharing the things I’ve learned in this series for The Oppy.

Part 3: Embracing small talk and continuing stalled conversations

“It’s a cold winter, isn’t it?” 

“Another virtual semester, here we go.”

These phrases seemingly have no meaning.…

The NYU Stern Fintech Conference Goes Virtual in 2021

On Friday March 5, NYU Stern’s Fubon Center for Technology, Business, and Innovation hosted Stern’s fourth annual Fintech Conference via a Virtual Zoom Webinar. The conference theme was “No Borders, No Barriers,” highlighting that technology has no passport. In line with that theme, the event featured an international slate of speakers from several countries, including the United States, Israel, India, Argentina, United Kingdom, California, and the Netherlands.

The conference was once again a smashing success with 1,200 registrants signing up for the virtual format, bringing together “top fintech scholars, forward-looking financial institutions, innovative fintech startups, and leading fintech investors” in the words of Kathleen DeRose, Director of the Fubon Fintech Initiative and Clinical Associate Professor of Finance at Stern. …

NYU 2021 Social Innovation Symposium

By Jean Rafaelian

On Friday, February 26, professionals across industries came together for the annual Social Innovation Symposium (SIS), planned in collaboration with NYU Stern’s Social Impact and Sustainability (SISA) club and NYU’s Law School and Wagner School of Public Service. Hosted for the first time online, the conference featured a range of voices speaking to this year’s theme: Human Centered Capitalism, Leveraging Resources to Drive Impact

This theme considers the shift in expectations for how organizations conduct business with respect to people, planet and profits. New generations seek out employers with a social mission, investors demand not only high returns but higher standards for where their money is invested, and corporations continue to see their business models disrupted by challenges of sustainability and social impact.…

The NYU Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Expands Its Reach With Virtual 19th Annual Venture Showcase!

By Shayna Gaskins

On Thursday, March 4, the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship hosted its first-ever virtual NYU Venture Showcase. This year’s Showcase put the spotlight on 21 early-stage teams from all across campus. From enterprise software to AI, sustainability to gaming, these exciting ventures represent what’s new and next in NYU’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“The NYU Venture Showcase isn’t a demo day,” explained Professor Cynthia Franklin, director of the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship. “This event isn’t the culmination of the journey. These ventures are very early in our process. This opportunity to get early exposure helps them to hone their stories, receive invaluable feedback about their ideas, find early investors, and discover potential partners.”…

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