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Posts published in “Issue 5: February 2021”

Short Squeezes – A Discussion with Professor Ian D’Souza

What is a short squeeze and is this a common phenomenon?

Before we can get to answering what a short squeeze is, we need to answer some preliminary questions.

Let’s start with what is short?

A short is a position taken by an investor or trader making a bet that an asset’s price will go down, not up.  On average, under 5% of the S&P market capitalization is shorted. Most participants in the stock market invest because they believe US stocks will go up over time. Shorts are a very small group of investors betting against most other investors’ view of the direction in the market and as such, are viewed with disdain.…

Stern Faculty Spotlight: Dean Raghu Sundaram

The Oppy is proud and honored to kick off our inaugural Stern Faculty Spotlight with Dean Raghu Sundaram. In addition to being published extensively in various finance and economic academic journals and authoring books on optimization theory and derivatives, Dean Sundaram has led the launch of two one-year MBA programs at Stern and popular initiatives, such as Endless Frontier Labs. Dean Sundaram received his BA in Economics from the University of Madras, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and a PhD in economics from Cornell University. He sat down with The Oppy to discuss Zoom classes, virtual networking, and most importantly, negronis.…

Post Corona Review

Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity is the fourth book from resident NYU Stern Professor Scott Galloway. I took Professor Galloway’s Brand Strategy class this past semester, and although at times it more closely resembled a game show than a graduate school course, I couldn’t help but come away feeling that it was a capstone experience of my time at Stern. He creates a similar aura of excitement and wonder in his latest book. 

Professor Galloway, Stern’s B-school Joel McHale, finds success in making high level business concepts accessible and relatable to a wider audience. His followers want to be “in on the joke” and he offers them an open door and a path to sound smart and relevant.…

The Concept of Race and Its Relevance to Medicine

I began to wonder how relevant race identification is in providing competent healthcare to patients as I started reading “A Short History of the Race Concept by Michael Yudell. It’s a short, well-written chapter from Race and the Genetic Revolution that discusses the role science has placed in forming and redefining the idea of race in science through the 18th to 20th centuries. To summarize Yudell’s point, race is a socially-constructed concept without any biological meaning as evidenced by genomic sequencing, which was first discovered by Francis Collins and Craig Venter in 2000. 

Now to translate into English: all humans’ DNA is 99.9% identical, meaning we all have the same genes. …

I Disagree Professor, Amazon Is NOT Antitrust

Amazon has found its way to market headlines yet again in 2021. This time it’s a relatively small surprise, Jeff Bezos is stepping down as CEO, effective later this year. I trust you did not believe that any human, even Jeff Bezos, could run a space exploration organization, build the world’s most profitable company from scratch, and own the Washington Post all at the same time indefinitely. After his resignation, Bezos will stay with the firm as executive chairman of the board. Andy Jassy, who was formerly head of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the massively successful cloud services platform offered by Amazon, will take over as CEO of the company. …

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