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Posts published in “Issue 5: February 2021”

Black Futures

By Erin Pace

Black History Month is a time of celebration as well as sorrowful remembrance. Growing up in the South, I spent my free time in February reenacting civil rights marches, singing We Shall Overcome, and winning poster contests for my magic marker renderings of Rosa Parks proclaiming ‘I’m not movin’!’. This year, I’m trading my poster for this article in The Oppy and my ancestors would be so proud. Let this article serve as a thank you to the Black business people of times past who paved the way. A few of them include: Alonzo Herndon, who was born in 1858 into slavery but later obtained success through his barbershops and became one of the first African American millionaires in the United States; Madam C.J.…

The more things change…

Just before kickoff Sunday night, I tweeted an extremely clever and definitely-not-too-subtle-by-half joke about Tom Brady’s “dubious” claim to the title of GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). A while later, I did it again. I will be the first to admit that sometimes my sense of humor is a bit too dry, but more than one friend asked me what I was talking about, so after watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win Super Bowl LV in what could charitably be called a dismantling of the Kansas City Chiefs, I’d like to clear some things up.

Still Rooting for Everybody Black

When asked who she was rooting for at the 2017 Emmys, writer, producer, actress, and fellow awkward black girl, Issa Rae replied with, “I’m rooting for everybody black.” Since then, the now iconic phrase has been headlined, memed, lyricized, printed on t-shirts, you name it.

In any award show season, it’s hard not to remember the words of Issa Rae. The Golden Globes are no different. But for an award show infamously known for its collusion, it’s getting hard to root for everybody black when hardly anyone is black. And while this may seem insignificant to some, as if but another notch on the bedpost of weirdo white supremacists, it once again illuminates the lack of, specifically, racial diversity cast on award shows, television, entertainment and art in general–especially the business side of it.…

Are you not entertained? Perfect.

As 2021 began, we found ourselves still grappling with a global pandemic, political division, and the psychological toll of riots on the Capitol. And then, my wife, a public school teacher, even in this time of remote learning, had a snow day. Two in fact.

Don’t let anyone tell you there isn’t good in this world.

That being said, while I truly believe snow days are one of childhood’s great rites of passage, I must admit I don’t love snow. It’s pretty for about 12 hours before the shoveling and slush make you wish you had a Space Laser to get rid of it all.…

Covid Vax Facts

Since our last issue, I received not only one, but two of my Covid-19 vaccinations. Excuse, me as I flex… my vaccinated deltoid muscle that is.

I received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, one of the two vaccines (the other being Moderna’s) approved for emergency use by the FDA in the US. Both Moderna and Pfizer use mRNA technology that consists of re-engineered messenger RNA (mRNA). mRNA are molecules that relay genetic instructions from DNA to ribosomes, the cell’s protein-making machinery. In this case, the vaccine mRNA gives our B-cells (a type of white blood cell) the genetic sequencing of SARS-CoV-2, and the B-cells then produce an immune response that generates antibodies.…

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