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Posts published in “Issue 3: April 2020”

Fun with Ricky Bobby: Stern alum Adam Grossman breaks down valuation

This month’s Stern Alumni spotlight is CEO and founder of Block Six Analytics, Adam Grossman. Block Six Analytics determines valuation for sponsorship and marketing opportunities in professional sports, and during The Oppy’s recent interview with Grossman, we asked him to give an example of this the only way we knew how: with comedians, racing cars, and mass-produced white bread.

[Full interview with Stern alum Adam Grossman]

Block Six Analytics measures the value of certain sponsorships, so I wanted to ask you about a thought experiment: Have you seen the movie Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell?

Oh yeah.

In that movie, Ferrell’s character Ricky Bobby is a NASCAR driver sponsored by Wonder Bread.

Commencement in the Time of COVID

I find myself lamenting many facts about our new normal. Those exciting events that once felt like momentous occasions—graduations, weddings, and big vacations—feel insignificant in today’s context, when healthcare workers are struggling to find the necessary supplies to care for the sick and over 6 million Americans are filing for unemployment in one week.

Of course, I know it’s still natural to grieve for the loss of these milestones. I was personally so excited for my family to visit NYC for my MBA graduation. Their flights from Florida were already booked and their hotel reservations made. It would be my 10-month-old niece’s first trip on an airplane, my boyfriend’s family’s first time meeting my family, and my mom had won two tickets to Hamilton for us and would take me as a graduation present.…

Outgoing SGov Presidents: “Change. We did it (we think)!”

By Rebecca Dewy and Sohail Mathur

This year, Stern updated its brand to “Change,” as a “call to action to thrive in today’s business world.” For most of our time as SGov Co-Presidents, an apt slogan could have been “Change. Drive it.” But with the arrival of the coronavirus and the many changes it has wrought on our community, a more appropriate phrase might be, “Change. Ride through it.” We are living in unprecedented times. Our Class of 2020 is finishing their Stern experience far from friends, professors are teaching from their home offices and living rooms, and all of us are now aware of how much privilege we had to walk freely through the world, travel, and generally enjoy the presence of others. …

End of an Era: Outgoing LSG President Sandy Moheban

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of Life at Stern. Like many, I’ve enjoyed countless events and programs in the Stern Community. I had the tremendous pleasure to speak to the woman behind it all, LSG President Sandy Moheban. April marks the final month of Sandy’s tenure, so we sat down with Sandy to talk about her time at NYU and her hopes for the next wave of Sternies and LSG.

Sandy’s been steeped in New York life, growing up in Great Neck Long Island and training into the city at any opportunity. When I asked her what brought her to Stern she said: “I went to NYU for undergrad and very quickly learned that Stern was the college to be in.

A Sternie’s Journey: Abdullah Mahhaden

Starting a new segment for the Oppy, “A Sternie’s Journey” focuses on new students, and the diverse and distinct reasons for joining us here in the NYU Stern community. This month, our focus is on Abdullah Mahhaden.

Obviously the Spring 2020 semester has been a wild one, especially to be starting the Part-time MBA Langone program, and on top of that add the responsibilities of having a wife and child. Abdullah is a financial auditor at Credit Suisse and a proud Blue Block member. He is a busy man, even in quarantine. I had the pleasure of meeting Abdullah on the Langone Winter Getaway, and from the moment I met him on our bus ride, I knew this was a man of compassion and grace.…

From the Editor: April 2020

Solidarity in Solitude 

I write this from the confines of my apartment between shifts, but despite the ability to leave for work, I have also felt the effects of solitude. I miss the ease of post-class happy hours and the freedom to have lunch with my coworkers in the break room. Remember when we used to complain about going to class? Now, most of us wish we could go back to that routine with the liberty to come and go. I wonder how the ladies from Sosnoff Café are doing? What I would do to have $2.75 in my pocket, to go grab a large vanilla-hazelnut coffee.…

Quarantine Reads from The Oppy Staff

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable quarantine. As we all figure out our new routines in these changing times, be it at a home desk or a couch lounge, a good book is never a bad idea. We asked the Oppy Staff for some of their favorite reads to get some new voices in your head as you navigate self-isolation. 

Conor Clark: VP of Marketing & Relations

The Plague

Albert Camus

A bit on the nose here, but Camus is a rockstar. Seriously, him and Donald Glover sit atop my life idols list. Not only does it capture the feelings many of us are feeling in an incredibly eloquent (albeit understated) way, but it also sheds light on the hidden blessings of a monotonous life. …

Stern Somebody: International Man of Mystery…and Analytics

The Oppy staff is proud to continue a new feature for the paper called “Stern Somebody” to tell the stories of remarkable classmates and how they became the exceptional people that they are today.

One of my favorite parts of Stern is discovering the fascinating backgrounds of my classmates. Henry Marsh, aka Hank, is, without doubt, one of the most interesting. This hilarious fellowBlock 2-er has a sharp wit he frequently shares with the class, as well as a passion for fine alcohol and analytics. What many of us do not know is that Hank has lived all around the world, attended high school in London, and spent two years teaching English in rural China after studying religion in Colorado. …

Netflix & Quarantine

What we’re watching to keep our minds off this pandemic…

Deirdre Keane – EiC

Schitt’s Creek

A rich New York family loses everything when their father is caught embezzling from his company. They move to a small, backwards town that the father had bought his son years ago as an “ironic joke.” These are 20-minute episodes on Netflix. Give yourself time to buy in on the characters and you will not regret it. This show has me continuously laughing. I want to be best friends with the son, David. 


I started this show a few years ago and I am proud to say that I am on season 10…quite the commitment for ~45-minute long episodes.…

Dear Oppy: April Edition

Dear Oppy,

I’m stranded in a foreign country due to the pandemic, and I am trying to get some information on how to get back. I don’t speak the local language and I’m struggling to understand what is going on. Do you have any advice?


Locked in Translation

Locked in Translation,

Mezu automatizatua: Sentitzen dut, gure posta elektronikoko sistemak desagertuta daude. Bilatu webgunea eta jarri harremanetan gure ordezkariekin tokiko hizkuntza laguntza lortzeko. Itxaroteko denbora izugarriak izaten ari gara eta ez dugu ingelesez hitz egiten. Eskerrik asko Oppy maitea idazteagatik!


Dear Oppy,

My roommate and I have been spending way too much time together since Coronavirus shut down the city.…

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