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Posts published in “Issue 1: February 2020”

Operations and Entertainment in Las Vegas: All That Glitters

From January 13 to 18, Stern students gathered in Las Vegas for the 12th edition of Professor Harry Chernoff’s Operations and Entertainment: Las Vegas course. Through more than a dozen site visits and guest lectures, the course delivered a peek behind the curtain at key Vegas industries.

The entertainment visits were, arguably, the headliners of the week. The group took a behind-the-scenes tour of Cirque du Soleil’s water-themed show O, and the complex mechanics behind the 1.2 million gallon pool at its center, before attending an evening performance. 

Ultimate Fighting Championship COO, Lawrence Epstein delivered an in-depth look at the growth, evolution, and international success of the company.…

How to Hack your 2020 Oscar Pool – Leading Actors Edition

By Maxine Rusbasan

Best Actor in a Leading Role


Antonio Banderas, Pain and Glory

Leonardo DiCaprio, Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood

Adam Driver, Marriage Story

Joaquin Phoenix, Joker

Jonathan Pryce, The Two Popes

Joaquin Phoenix is predictably the frontrunner in this race.  With two prior nominations for lead actor in The Master (2012) and Walk the Line (2005) and for best supporting actor in Gladiator (2000), Phoenix’s fourth nomination and likely win would be a long time coming.  Phoenix’s boundary-pushing performance as Arthur Fleck’s evolution into the Joker is the highlight of the film other than the beautifully haunting score from Hildur Guonadottir that has already earned her a Golden Globe. …

DBi Hong Kong 2020: Eating & Learning in High Density

By Anna Ward

Every city is known for something – New York is known for convenience, where you can access anything you want at any hour of the day. San Francisco and Los Angeles are known for their proximity to nature and incredible outdoor activities. Chicago is known for its architecture and waterfront. Hong Kong is usually known for its density. But with that density comes incredible proximity to nature, amazing convenience, world class offerings, and a breathtaking skyline surrounded by mountains and waterfront on all sides.

During the January DBi to Hong Kong, 26 students and I had the opportunity to take advantage of all that Hong Kong had to offer.…

Stern Somebody: A Musician in Our Midst

The Oppy staff is starting a new feature for the paper called “Stern Somebody” to tell the stories of remarkable classmates and how they became the exceptional people they are today.

It is with great pleasure that we present Todd Lewis Kramer as our inaugural Stern Somebody.” Todd is a songwriter and singer from a sleepy suburb of New Haven, CT, and has been playing and singing his songs around New York ever since he moved to the city in 2009. He started singing in high school, but once he realized he wanted to write his own songs, Todd taught himself a few chords and started seriously writing toward the end of college.…


As I dragged my suitcase, which had somehow lost all its wheels on its journey from New York, through Beijing International Airport, I began to wonder what exactly had I signed up for. Being a “wing-it” type of gal, my preparation for coming to a country that had limited English and serious internet-browsing restrictions involved printing some Stern emails and a photo of the hotel. As I searched the airport for an ATM at 2am, I mentally berated myself for not converting any dollars into yuan prior to arriving. I had remembered after landing that the taxis only took cash. I got my yuan, handed the driver my photo of the Crowne Plaza, and prayed that I was headed to the right place.…

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