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Five Delicious Summer Desserts

10 lbs. and many desserts later, summer is officially over.  I explored all things desserts in multiple locations over the past three months, from New York to Dallas to LA.  Here is a list of five places that I would recommend, if you ever find yourself in the area.

5. Oldie but Goodie: Diddy Riese
926 Broxton Avenue
Westwood, CA
What could be better than Dreyer’s Ice Cream sandwiched between two delicious cookies, all for $1.50?  Yes, for you native Californians, the price has increased 50% since the good old days when it was priced at $1.00… But seriously, it’s still just $1.50! …

If I Could Be Like @Jack

On March 1, we were fortunate to have Jack Dorsey as the keynote speaker of the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival. Jack has developed cult-like status in the tech entrepreneurship community and it was easy to see why.  He inspired the crowd with his stories on the origins of Twitter and Square and his thoughts on good design.  He spoke impressively and answered questions on a broad range of topics related to starting and growing his ventures.

Throw in his good looks and it is no wonder why budding entrepreneurs want to be like Jack.

While I hope that the next Jack Dorsey was sitting somewhere in that NYU crowd, I imagine that more than half of the people in the room are never going to start their own business.…

Hungry for Hungary?


Upon arrival to the Art’otel, our gorgeous, Danube River facing hotel in Budapest, we soon learned that one of the best restaurants in the city was half a block away.  Indulging in these traditional and local fish stews was an amazing way to kick off our week in Budapest and set the tone for the rest of our trip.

The night before classes started we took a bus tour of the city where we quickly learned that Budapest is actually two cities, Buda and Pest, split by the Danube River.  We ended our tour on the Buda side at the spectacular Buda Castle. …

The Rules of Fashion

I can’t believe that another summer has gone by and that Labor Day will have sadly passed by the time this article goes to press.  I generally over pack, but the last long weekend of the summer tends to bring out the crazy in me.  I try jamming as many outfits into my weekend bag, hoping to get the opportunity to wear some of my favorite seasonal items…like white pants and jeans.  I’ll even pack all of my bathing suits in case I need the extra options.

Some fashion rules seem to be pretty well ingrained into our culture.  For example, you shouldn’t wear white pants after Labor Day weekend (at least if you reside in the Northeast). …

Personalitini: Tales of Drinks and Dates

Liz Batsche, Full-time MBA Class of 2014

PersonalitiniIt may be hard to believe, if you know me well, but I do sometimes give people the benefit of the doubt. I am trying to be more open with dating. In the past, I have found myself too quick to eliminate potential matches. Through the mass popularity and rise of online dating, the selection of potential suitors has become incredibly specific. With a filter option, I can wipe out thousands of potential matches in the New York Metro Area. You smoke? No thanks, Next! You’re under Six Feet Tall? I love heels, Next!…

Egészségedre! Sternies visit Budapest for DBi Hungary

David Landesman, Langone Class of 2014

DBi Hungary 2

What part of the world has 1.6% of the population, but 3.4% of world GDP?  What part of the world has been ravaged by enemy occupation, war, and Communism, but is now thriving?  What part of the world is poised for amazing growth and development?  The part of the world I am speaking of is Central and Eastern Europe, of course.  And what better way of seeing this part of the world, and learning more about the business environment there, is there, besides DBi Hungary?  I would be hard pressed to come up with a better answer.…

Tempted to Kill, Steal, or Cheat?

Judy Shen, Langone MBA Class of 2014

Temptations. They can be hard to resist. I’m not talking about the kind where you resist having a double fudged chocolate cake. Rather, how do you stop yourself from cheating on an exam, in a relationship; insider trading; or taking extra change when the cashier hands you more than you should receive? Would your answers change if you could become invisible? Morals are a person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do. We’ve all faced moral dilemmas. As MBA students, we may encounter even more situations in the future where we have to make personal and professional decisions based on our morals.…

Stern Eats Balade


I am very pleased to have experienced the beginnings of something that is very near and dear my heart and stomach: Stern Eats, the club-to-be for food. The group, which has been up and running on Facebook for over a month and has served as a forum to discuss restaurant recommendations and organize food outings, held its first formal event last week at Balade.

Balade is a Lebanese restaurant in the East Village, located on 1st Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets. The décor, with its mix of wood, Lebanese motif tiles and brick, evokes an atmosphere that is a blend of traditional and modern, old world meets new.…

From Stern with Love

School raises over $15,000 at Bond-themed Charity Ball

What do you get when you combine some 700 Stern community members, 80-plus donated auction items and an uber-classy black-tie affair at the Highline Ballroom?

Well, this Nov. 17 it all added up to over $15,000 in charity donations for charity:water and Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

The James Bond-themed NYU Stern Charity Ball was a major success from both the perspective of fundraising for charity and having a fun night out.

The event was made all the more impressive by the spread of donated items from students, alumni, professors, and committed community members.…

Here's What We Did in Turkey!


DBi Istanbul began with cocktails at Bogacizi University and ended on a boat cruise on the Bosphorus. In the ten days in between our group of fifteen Stern MBAs tapped into the rhythm of a city that is at once historic and modern, from the magnificence of the Blue Mosque to late nights in the clubs of the Bosphorus.

Though always the historical gateway between Europe and Asia, Turkey now plays a growing role in the international economy and a critical role in the tumultuous politics of North Africa and the Middle East. Turkey’s reemergence on the global stage set the backdrop for engaging coursework, coursework that focused on the unique aspects of the domestic market, the performance of the national economy, and the Turkish impact on regional and international markets.…

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