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Maybe We Should Boycott Olympic Boycotts

This weekend, upon hearing the Biden administration’s bold move to announce a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, I was thinking about the halcyon days of late 1979, when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, only to be met by the fierce international response of a U.S. boycott of the next year’s Summer Games in Moscow. Leonid Brezhnev and the Soviets cowered in the face of such a firm display of disapproval, and within weeks, the Soviets had left Afghanistan in one of the last great foreign policy achievements of the Carter administration.

What, what? Really?

Ok, so apparently this is less a major historical turning point and more a dream I, or possibly Jimmy Carter, had Sunday night.…

At long last, it’s Infrastructure Week

Week, month, maybe decade. Who knows? The point is after years of talking about America’s crumbling infrastructure, and talking, and talking, and talking, we might finally have gotten somewhere.

No promises, though.

The media would have you believe the start of Joe Biden’s presidency has been an unmitigated disaster, and while declaring that a whole 21% of the way through his first term is a bold choice, well, maybe it could be going better? I don’t know. Negotiating transformative legislation seems kind of hard when there’s one guy who is really into fossil fuels and the idea that you need bipartisan support to justify letting mothers stay home with their newborns.…

Close this browser tab and stop reading the news

Just kidding. My thoughts aren’t news and we’re desperate for clicks. Please read all of this — multiple times even! — and then stay tuned for my follow-up columns “Dave got writer’s block, you’ll never believe what happened next!” and “What Janet Yellen’s monetary philosophy means for your portfolio as told by 16 photos of adorable cats in Halloween costumes.”

That second one is going to be a real doozy. You don’t want to miss it.

Look, I don’t know if you’re exhausted by reading political hot takes. Maybe, like a sane person, you don’t consume the same volume of instant-gratification-fueled media that I do.…

When the Manchin comes around

I have a confession to make. As The Oppy was taking its summer vacation, I wasn’t really experiencing much of a vacation. You see, my wife and I bought a house. At long last, a place to display all of my bobblehead dolls without the love of my life having to actually see them! It’s the dream. But the interesting revelation is that we’re finding houses, be they literal or governmental, are full of $urpri$e$. It’s almost as if, to get things functioning normally rather than just slapping a band-aid on structural issues, you have to spend more money than you want to.…

The Graduate: Mayoral candidate and Stern alum Art Chang takes on City Hall

The Oppy is reconnecting with some prominent NYU Stern alumni with our ‘Graduate’ series. Each month, we’ll interview notable alumni that have made an impact on their community and industry. 

It’s generally considered poor form for a journalist to eat lunch during an interview. I’m not proud of violating that principle, but fortunately for me, the subject of this sitdown was 2021 New York Mayoral candidate Art Chang.

“Oh, you can go ahead and take ten minutes to eat if you want,” he said before noting that he, too, had his lunch waiting on the side.

For a man with years of experience in city development, tech startups, and New York’s municipal government, Chang (Stern MBA, 1998) is almost disarmingly lax in conversation.…

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