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Professor Nate Pettit: Bodybuilding, Ambulances and Finding Balance

Stern Chats – Episode 6

Professor Nate Pettit, one of the youngest professors at Stern who teaches in areas of management and leadership, tells us his story about digging deep to accomplish incredible physical and intellectual feats. He takes us through his bouts of severe anxiety and subsequent intense focus on finding harmony and balance in his life. Nate also describes his deep desire to connect with his students in order to understand their motivations, making the classroom as dynamic as the world outside it. Stern Chats Episode 6…

Guy Brearey: Sailing, Business, and Controlling the Controllables

Stern Chats – Episode 5

First year MBA student Guy Brearey tells us the story of working as a training partner for the UK’s women’s team, helping them towards their Olympic gold medal victory in Beijing in 2008.  He explores pushing yourself to the limit, the idea of excellence and what it means to never give up.…

Afiya Bediako: Ally Week 2017

Stern Chats – Episode 4

Ally Week (April 6-13) is meant to promote the practice of “Allyship,” as we all seek to work to better understand and stand in solidarity with all groups represented at NYU Stern and in our future professional lives. Our NYU Stern Community seeks to further develop allyship within ourselves and others by creating dialogue that fosters learning and self-improvement and is free of criticism. In a special edition, first year student Afiya Bediako tells as a story of allyship and discusses being an ally at Stern.

David Purdy: Bank Loans, Actors and the Science of Narrative

Stern Chats – Episode 3

In Episode Three of Stern Chats, Professor David Purdy tells us the story of leaving a senior finance job to become a full time actor. In an episode about blending art with business and science, Professor Purdy encourages us to engage our mind and our heart simultaneously. Listen below or download on iTunes.…

Chris Larsen: Bullets, Hands, and Warrior Mindset

Stern Chats – Episode 2

In Episode Two of Stern Chats, first year MBA Student Christopher Larsen talks to us about his time as a Captain and Company Commander in the Army. In an episode about resilience, and overcoming adversity he tells us the story of the battle that forever changed him. Listen here or download on iTunes.


One-Year Anniversary Special: Conor Grennan

RE-RELEASE: In honor of Conor Grennan’s recent award for administrator of the year and the Stern Chats one year anniversary, The Oppy beings you a re-release of the very first episode of Stern Chats, featuring Grennan, with a special new introduction. 

Conor Grennan One Year Anniversary Special 

Conor Grennan, Stern’s Dean of Students was recently voted Administrator of the Year by the Stern student body. This award is intended to recognize those members of the administration who, through their dedication and commitment, have enriched the student experience here at Stern. Coincidentally, Conor Grennan was also the first guest that was interviewed for the Stern Chats podcast and his award couldn’t be more timely as this week is the one year anniversary of the official launch of Stern Chats.…

Oppy, the Podcast: Episode 1

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Recruiting for Investment Banking

At NYU Stern School of Business, autumn means the start of recruiting for most first-year MBAs. Among the first industries to begin a rigorous, tough and highly competitive recruitment process is the lucrative field of investment banking. In this episode, Senior Director of the Office of Career Development, Beth Briggs, sits down with two second-year MBA students who made it through recruiting and landed jobs in investment banking. They share their tips, strategies and key advice on how to win over future banking employers.

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This episode was produced by Oppy Media and the NYU Stern School of Business’ Office of Career Development.

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