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Melissa Schilling: Cabin Life, Breakthrough Innovators, and the Commonalities of the Exceptional

Season 3, Episode 7

Melissa Schilling, Professor of Strategy and Management at New York University talks to us about her new book Quirky: The Remarkable Story of the Traits, Foibles, and Genius of Breakthrough Innovators Who Changed the World. In a story about self-efficacy and being unconstrained by societal norms, Professor Schilling opens a window into the minds of revolutionaries.

Ijeamaka Obasi: Black Girls Graduate, Chicago, and being a Stern JD/MBA

Season 3, Episode 6

Ijeamaka (Ije) Obasi, JD/MBA Student discusses how she co-founded Black Girls Graduate, an online resource dedicated to improving educational attainment and collegiate graduation rates among black women and providing strategies for career advancement. Originally from Chicago, Ije also delves into her journey applying to higher education programs and her experience as a JD/MBA student. In this story, Ije illustrates how one can combine passion for making a social impact with the private sector and how exploring opportunities that may seem unrelated to your path can shape your career and give you a new perspective.

Ashish Bhatia: Market Crash, Gold Salesman and Making the Undergraduate Experience Count

Season 3, Episode 5


Ashish Bhatia, Assistant Dean of Students, Engagement & Innovation, our first administrator guest who hails from Stern’s undergraduate school, tells us about his varied path back to Stern from the worlds of economics and gold sales.  A graduate of Stern himself, Assistant Dean Bhatia is also one of the founders of Stern Talks, an initiative to bring in alumna to speak with the undergraduate students about various industries and paths forward after graduation.  In a story about finding yourself through unusual circumstances, Assistant Dean Bhatia shows us that being present, and asking yourself whether you’re staying true to your values, is a recipe for happiness and satisfaction.

J.G. and Taffi Ayodele: Foldable Flats, African Adventures and the Thando’s Love Story

Season 3, Episode 4

J.G. and Taffi Ayodele, Founders of Thando’s, tell us about their journey to building Thando’s, a company that utilizes African artists to help design comfortable, durable shoes.  “For the love of the sole,” the firm’s motto, explains how J.G. and Taffi built a socially impactful company that allows consumers to connect both with the product and the story.  In a twist of fate, we also hear about J.G. and Taffi’s own story, one about finding each other, and love. right here at NYU.…

Isser Gallogly: Improv Comedy, Interview Techniques and Seeing “What Could Be”

Season 3, Episode 3

Isser Gallogly, Associate Dean of NYU Stern MBA Admissions, tells us about his journey to becoming Stern’s “MBA Gatekeeper,” as described by Poets and Quants.  In a story about leveraging your EQ, Dean Gallogly explores how we read those around us in order to see potential, where they may not see it themselves.

Greg Coleman: Buzzfeed, Digital Media and Advertising’s New Frontier

Season 3, Episode 2

President of Buzzfeed and Adjunct Professor Greg Coleman tells us about his journey prior to and during his time at Buzzfeed and gives us his prediction of what media will look like in the years to come.  In a story about unknown futures, Coleman implores us to find out what makes us tick and follow our instincts in order to achieve greatness.

Adam Alter: Colors, Smartphones and Our Relationship with Technology

Season 3, Episode 1

Associate Professor Adam Alter tells us about his background in behavioral economics, what it’s like to be color blind and his award winning books Drunk Tank Pink and Irresistible.  In a story about observation and evolution, Alter gives us incredible insight into the seductive world of technology.…

Rich Hendler: Practicing Law, Super Skills and Learning to Ride the Wave

Season 2 Finale

Professor Richard Hendler tells us about his experience studying the law, transitioning into teaching and finding the love of his life.  In a story about riding the wave, Professor Hendler proves that finding and leaning on your “super skills” will yield a more than fulfilling life.

Steven Avila: Cancer Battles, Obama Years and Living for the Future

Season 2, Episode 12

First year MBA student, Steven Avila, tells us about his experience working in the Obama White House, pounding the pavement for the Hillary Clinton campaign, and overcoming a cancer diagnosis and treatment.  In a story about resilience, Steven proves that you really can control the controllables.


More to the story

President Obama meets Steven and his family on his last day at the White House Office of Correspondence, where the team selected 10 letters each day (out of the 12 million received every year) for the President to read.

During his time at the White House, Steven was diagnosed with Stage 3 testicular cancer.

Devna Shukla: Emmy Awards, Social Media and The Heart of Journalism

Season 2, Episode 11

First year MBA student, Devna Shukla, tells us about her experience working in entertainment and media, what it takes to excel as a journalist and the documentary that won her an Emmy.  In a story about connection, Devna proves the Stern motto that EQ is highly relevant to executing at the highest level.

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