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Posts published in “Podcast”

Happy Mother’s & Father’s Day: MBAs X Parenthood

“Being a parent of a newborn while working and doing an MBA is a lot of work. It means long days and sleepless nights. Everyone in the Langone program must make tradeoffs, but for parents, it’s especially complex. How do I work, keep my grades up, build friendships, maintain relationships, and take care of a tiny newborn? Can I be part of the social scene and be there for my baby when she wakes up multiple times during the night? At one point, I was ready to give it up because the mom guilt is all consuming, if not for my partner.

Susan Jurevics: Cultural Touchstones, Delighting Your Fans, and Marketing in a Digital World

Susan Jurevics (Langone ’96) is the former CEO of Pottermore and was at Sony for over a decade as SVP of Global Retail CRM and Brand Marketing. She has spent her career connecting fans to beloved characters and universes such as Harry Potter, Spiderman, James Bond, and Barbie. In this episode of Stern Chats, Susan unveils her work at the intersection of culture and commerce and how she builds a business for the next generation of fans.

Dr. Gary Fraser: MBA Leadership, Community, and the Power in Allyship

Dr. Gary Fraser, a self-described “kid from Brooklyn” holds the unique distinction of being Stern’s first student president of the Association of Hispanic and Black Business Students (AHBBS) and Stern’s first Dean for Diversity & Inclusion. In this special NYU Ally Week episode, Dean Fraser discusses his nearly three-decade relationship with NYU Stern and the power of allyship in building community.

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