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Quarantine Reads from The Oppy Staff

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable quarantine. As we all figure out our new routines in these changing times, be it at a home desk or a couch lounge, a good book is never a bad idea. We asked the Oppy Staff for some of their favorite reads to get some new voices in your head as you navigate self-isolation. 

Conor Clark: VP of Marketing & Relations

The Plague

Albert Camus

A bit on the nose here, but Camus is a rockstar. Seriously, him and Donald Glover sit atop my life idols list. Not only does it capture the feelings many of us are feeling in an incredibly eloquent (albeit understated) way, but it also sheds light on the hidden blessings of a monotonous life. …

Netflix & Quarantine

What we’re watching to keep our minds off this pandemic…

Deirdre Keane – EiC

Schitt’s Creek

A rich New York family loses everything when their father is caught embezzling from his company. They move to a small, backwards town that the father had bought his son years ago as an “ironic joke.” These are 20-minute episodes on Netflix. Give yourself time to buy in on the characters and you will not regret it. This show has me continuously laughing. I want to be best friends with the son, David. 


I started this show a few years ago and I am proud to say that I am on season 10…quite the commitment for ~45-minute long episodes.…

The Graduate: Alan Gallo

The Graduate: Interviewing Notable Alumni from Every Decade of Stern

The Oppy is commemorating another decade of NYU Stern with our new ‘The Graduate’ series. Each month, we’ll interview notable alum from each decade since the 1960s through the 2010s that has made an impact in their community and industry. 

The Graduate, 1990 Edition: Alan Gallo, EVP, Chief Audit Executive of American Express

This month’s ‘The Graduate’ interview is with Alan Gallo, executive vice president and chief audit officer of American Express. He has over 30 years of career experience at a global corporation. He’s also a double Sternie (both MBA and B.S.),…

Fireside Chat with Jelena McWilliam

By Richard Berner

On February 19, the Stern Center for Global Economy and Business and the Stern Volatility and Risk Institute hosted an NYU Stern Fireside chat with Jelena McWilliams, Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, one of America’s critical financial regulators. 

Stern’s Fireside Chats give faculty and students an opportunity to interact and engage with leaders in business and government. This event did not disappoint: Chairman McWilliams is the third woman to fill the leading role at the FDIC and the interview revealed clearly why she is a role model for all of us. 

We began the discussion by exploring Chairman McWilliams’ background and her passion for her work as a financial regulator.…

Finding Your Voice: Career Advice from Karen Reynolds Sharkey (MBA ‘98)

By Alyssa Brewer

Karen Reynolds Sharkey (MBA ‘98), a leader in the finance world who launched and continues to lead the national business owner strategy at Bank of America’s Private Bank, is channeling her years of experience into supporting female entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Driven by a desire for a career on Wall Street, Karen Reynolds Sharkey joined J.P. Morgan after completing her undergraduate degree at Rutgers University. She completed the part-time MBA program at Stern while working on the trading floor in equity derivatives, then moved to San Francisco to head up a team covering the West Coast. As she moved into senior leadership positions, Sharkey’s career brought her back to New York, followed by a transition into the private banking sector with Bank of America.…

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