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Racism and COVID-19

As a self-professed germaphobe, the spread of COVID-19 has been distressing for me, to say the least. My mother, well aware of my quirks, recently sent me several masks with a note saying: “Wear when you go out.” 

I have yet to use one. 

Not because I’m irresponsible and feel that my (relative) youth protects me from the worst of the disease. No, on the contrary, I’m deeply scared. Not so much of the virus, but of being a target of a racist attack. A report by the FBI warned that “hate crime incidents against Asian Americans likely will surge across the United States, due to the spread of coronavirus disease … endangering Asian American communities.”…

The Graduate: Adam Grossman

The Oppy is commemorating another decade of NYU Stern with ‘The Graduate’ series. Each month, we’ll interview a notable alum from each decade since the 1960s through the 2010s that has made an impact in their community and industry. This month’s ‘The Graduate’ interview is with 2010s alum Adam Grossman, CEO & Founder, of Block Six Analytics.

Few positions across team sports involve the pressure and isolation that comes with being a goalkeeper. Take it from this month’s notable alum. Before Adam Grossman came to Stern to pursue his MBA, he was a goalkeeper during his undergraduate years for Northwestern University’s men’s soccer team.…

Fun with Ricky Bobby: Stern alum Adam Grossman breaks down valuation

This month’s Stern Alumni spotlight is CEO and founder of Block Six Analytics, Adam Grossman. Block Six Analytics determines valuation for sponsorship and marketing opportunities in professional sports, and during The Oppy’s recent interview with Grossman, we asked him to give an example of this the only way we knew how: with comedians, racing cars, and mass-produced white bread.

[Full interview with Stern alum Adam Grossman]

Block Six Analytics measures the value of certain sponsorships, so I wanted to ask you about a thought experiment: Have you seen the movie Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell?

Oh yeah.

In that movie, Ferrell’s character Ricky Bobby is a NASCAR driver sponsored by Wonder Bread.

Outgoing SGov Presidents: “Change. We did it (we think)!”

By Rebecca Dewy and Sohail Mathur

This year, Stern updated its brand to “Change,” as a “call to action to thrive in today’s business world.” For most of our time as SGov Co-Presidents, an apt slogan could have been “Change. Drive it.” But with the arrival of the coronavirus and the many changes it has wrought on our community, a more appropriate phrase might be, “Change. Ride through it.” We are living in unprecedented times. Our Class of 2020 is finishing their Stern experience far from friends, professors are teaching from their home offices and living rooms, and all of us are now aware of how much privilege we had to walk freely through the world, travel, and generally enjoy the presence of others. …

End of an Era: Outgoing LSG President Sandy Moheban

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of Life at Stern. Like many, I’ve enjoyed countless events and programs in the Stern Community. I had the tremendous pleasure to speak to the woman behind it all, LSG President Sandy Moheban. April marks the final month of Sandy’s tenure, so we sat down with Sandy to talk about her time at NYU and her hopes for the next wave of Sternies and LSG.

Sandy’s been steeped in New York life, growing up in Great Neck Long Island and training into the city at any opportunity. When I asked her what brought her to Stern she said: “I went to NYU for undergrad and very quickly learned that Stern was the college to be in.

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