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MBA Life Hacks

If there is anything MBA students are good at (besides networking), it’s system optimization.If there is a more efficient way to do something, we will find it. The Oppy asked you to share some of these shortcuts or alternative methods, and you delivered.

During your time at Stern, have you discovered a few tricks you would like to share to help newer MBA students?

“You can see what classes you got into before it’s officially announced if you look at your required textbooks on NYU bookstore Brightspace.”

The only reason to visit the NYU bookstore, we hear.

“In case Daily Screener survives another year, if you open the login page in Safari on your iPhone, Daily Screener remains authenticated *forever* so you can refresh the same tab every day and it will update the date.…

Goodbye from the Graduating Oppy Board Members

With graduation next week, we can’t help but be a bit nostalgic about our time at Stern and The Oppy. Half of us were the re-founding members of The Stern Opportunity in early 2020, a whole month before the start of the pandemic. Since then, we have grown the newspaper to what it is today. Stern boasts the second oldest MBA newspaper in the United States, just behind HBS, and it was a pleasure being part of that legacy. In a final goodbye, we share a little bit of our experience. 

Editor-in-Chief: Deirdre Keane

I look back at these two years as EiC and regret nothing.…

Happy Mother’s & Father’s Day: MBAs X Parenthood

“Being a parent of a newborn while working and doing an MBA is a lot of work. It means long days and sleepless nights. Everyone in the Langone program must make tradeoffs, but for parents, it’s especially complex. How do I work, keep my grades up, build friendships, maintain relationships, and take care of a tiny newborn? Can I be part of the social scene and be there for my baby when she wakes up multiple times during the night? At one point, I was ready to give it up because the mom guilt is all consuming, if not for my partner.

Stern’s Favorite Band, Per My Last Email, Rocks Again in Sold Out Farewell Show

Per My Last Email concert at Drom, April 22nd, 2022. From left to right: Hondo Katz (guitar), Brendan Grambow (guitar/vocals), Andy Yang (lead vocals), Daniel Paul (keyboard), Drew Schmitz (drums), Fernando Schiantarelli (drums), Max Colbert (guitar), Sebastian Beltrame (bass)

For many of us, a rock band, especially one that favors tunes from Lizzo, Fountains of Wayne and Harry Styles alike, was one of the most unexpected things to have come out of the MBA program. What first seemed like an odd, amusing hobby became a favorite Stern ensemble that ended their official run with two sold out shows. Not only was their music the foundation of their unlikely friendships, but it also brought us together as a community, where we made some of our best memories at Stern, and for that, we are grateful.…

MBA Advice from a Langone Student

After spending a whopping four whole years as a Langone student – from pre-pandemic, to the peak of Covid, to this new world we live in – I feel I’ve learned a lot in how to optimize the MBA experience as a part-time student. From making friends, to selecting classes, joining clubs, networking, and having fun, it is A LOT with a full-time job. However, you did not come to Stern so you could attend two evening classes a week for a few years and take nothing more from the experience. It’s also the people you’ll meet and the experience you get outside of the classroom that will leave you satisfied with your time here.…

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