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Stern Hobbies: From babybacks to bacon

By Ryan Bedell

As part of our new “Stern Hobbies” series, The Oppy is taking a look at off-the-beaten-path interests among some of our classmates at Stern. If you have a hobby you would like to write about, please e-mail the Oppy at [email protected]. Today’s feature comes from Langone student Ryan Bedell.

In 2014, on the island of Jeju off the southern coast of South Korea, my life was forever changed. I could point to the growth that happened in my year there, or the friends I made, or even the severely broken foot I suffered in a rather serious motorcycle accident.…

The (St)Art of Public Speaking: The Elevator Pitch

Some people are innately good at public speaking but the rest of us, unfortunately, have to work at it. It has never been something I have felt proficient in and thanks to some free time during the pandemic, it is a skill that I’m trying to develop. From reading books, to listening to podcasts, and sometimes talking to myself (all in the name of practice of course), I am going to share some of the things I learn in the next few issues of The Oppy.

Part 1: The Elevator Pitch

In business school, the importance of an elevator pitch is hammered into us.…

Virtual Races: fleeting trend or here to stay?

I won’t deny that I was not originally a fan of virtual races and I may not be completely convinced, but for us running junkies, it’s been something to do this year. 

Fall goes hand-in-hand with distance running for cross country runners and marathoners all over. High school and college cross country teams practice and compete through the hills of various parks. Marathoners tie up their laces for early morning runs and humblebrag to anyone who will listen about the 26.2 miles that they are about to embark on. The crisp air and crunchy leaves after a humid summer leads to the optimal runner’s high.…

The Pandemic Blues

I think we can all agree that the past seven months have not been easy for anyone. Humans are, for the most part, social creatures, so it’s difficult to maintain an emotional equilibrium when we lose regular contact with others. Zoom just doesn’t cut it. Many of us have noted more lability in our moods, and some may even consider themselves depressed. This is all normal and even to be expected. In fact, the medical community has a term for it – adjustment disorder.

Adjustment disorders are stress-related conditions. When an individual experiences more stress than usual, related to an event or circumstances, it can trigger an emotional response and some neurochemical variability, leading to sustained feelings of being blue.…

Admin’s guide on how to navigate virtual MBA Events this fall

By Shannon O’Brien (OSE, Blue Block SP20) and Katie Malen-Gamely (OCD, Green Block F17)

For those of us in New York City, you can already feel some crisp fall weather sneaking into the morning air. All the while, this fall is looking far different than we’ve ever seen at Stern. While the NYU community takes on the challenge of operating in person, while mitigating the spread of COVID-19 at all costs, classes, clubs, and career events are now the focus of Google calendars and Zoom accounts. As we work to keep each other and NYC safe, Sternies are doing their best to go about life as normal as we can.…

How to Save Yourself from Becoming Hunched Over: Ergonomics in the Covid-19 Era

By Teresa Bruno

Have you ever heard of the Concept of Creep? I didn’t, until I was speaking to my physical therapist recently. It not only sounds scary, it is scary. In plain english, the concept follows: the hours we spend sitting in front of our computers or hunched over our iPhones can permanently deform us. 

Posture is more important than ever in the era of covid-19. We spend extended periods of time at home, attending school in front of our computers or worse, we work from home and then “go to class” in front of our computers. Without a commute or with a limited commute to work or school, we take less steps.…


By Teresa Bruno

Remember life before zoom? We were students then, in the classic way, unfettered from our small laptop screens. We interacted with each other like students, too. This is before we were all reduced to the confines of our individual, tiny, Brady Bunch boxes. 

We are still students, of course, but those were the halcyon days when we were free. Free to mingle and to meet and to have unmuffled class discussions. A time when campus was teeming with events and happy hours. When we convened in small groups, within 6 feet of each other, in KMC  and we could eat in class (which, as a Langoner, helped keep me awake). …

J.P. Eggers talks Stern’s Covid response with The Oppy

Over the past six months, the COVID-19 Pandemic has irrevocably altered and destabilized the world we live in. While the obvious consequences are the most tragic — hundreds of thousands of deaths, and millions of illnesses the world over — literally no corner of the globe has been free of its impact. Of course, while the global community grapples with this pandemic, all groups affected have had to consider the logistical challenges of moving forward.

As the Fall 2020 Semester gets underway, New York University and the Stern School of Business are among the thousands of organizations in higher education tackling the thorny, intertwined issues of how to enable students to continue their studies while protecting the health of all members of the NYU and Stern communities.…

WFH: Summer 2020 fling or forever?

Surely you’ve seen the headlines… remote work is in:

A 2-Year Stanford Study Shows the Astonishing Productivity Boost of Working From Home

9 Research-Based Facts That Prove Remote Teams are the Future of Work” 

New Survey Shows 47% Increase In Productivity

Wow! What about interns? 

Take my experience: nine weeks, 20-some interns (mostly undergrads, those poor rising seniors), and lots of Webex. My hopes for virtual anything were burning a little thin by the end of our Zoom semester, but it was, all things considered, a great summer. I applaud the organization and so many others for rising to the occasion and trying to keep some semblance of our internship experience.…

How to Eat Healthy During Zoom Calls When You Have No Time While Supporting a Black Owned Business

By Kyu Kim

There are numerous ways to contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement, but sometimes it feels difficult to juggle the recommended actions with work and home responsibilities. No matter how much we do for the movement, it never feels like enough and making true progress seems dismal at times.

Instead of getting discouraged, though, why don’t we refuel ourselves with healthy and yummy food that also supports the black community? Your decreased enthusiasm might just be a symptom of low blood sugar! Besides, there are fabulous products created by black entrepreneurs which should be celebrated for their own merits.…

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