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B-School Newspaper Coalition: December Roundup

Last semester, The Oppy wanted to reach out to other business school newspapers around the country to get a sense of how they’re running their papers. After countless emails and Zoom meetings, we have discovered that out of the top 20 MBA programs in the U.S., there are only three schools with still-active graduate business newspapers: HBS, Booth, and of course, yours truly, Stern. The three editors-in-chief from these newspapers decided to form a coalition and have been having monthly meetings to share ideas and content. The Oppy is going to share with you some of the best articles from their monthly issues.…

B-School Newspaper Coalition: November Roundup

Last semester, The Oppy reached out to other business school newspapers around the country to get a sense of how they’re running their papers. After meeting with several editors-in-chief from MBA programs, we decided to form a coalition with a small but growing group of top graduate business schools. We are going to share some of their best articles from their monthly issues.

For November, we have ChiBus, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Some of their more interesting reads:

Friendship in Business School: A Diversification Approach

Should you apply modern portfolio theory to your business school friendships?…

A Tale of the NYC Marathon

It was the perfect fall morning. I had only gotten four hours of sleep, despite daylight savings. But that’s to be expected. It’s rare to get a good night’s sleep the night before a big race. With marathons, you typically focus on getting a lot of sleep the week leading up to the race. I hadn’t managed that either, but I knew I’d survive.

I was supposed to be on the 5:45am ferry to Staten Island. Yeah, okay. There was no way I was going to be on that ferry. I had no intention of spending multiple hours hanging out in Staten Island before a 9:10 start.…

A-Lad in B School Review

By Kathleen Dillon

A-Lad in B School 

Directed by David Granik and Morgan Salvan 

Comedy, Musical 

2 hrs. 17 min. 

Tom Hanks once said that “cinema has the power to make you feel not lonely.” 

In a school year that’s been defined by all things virtual and a general feeling of isolation, Stern Follies offered students a night of respite and near normalcy on Friday. Stern’s annual comedy showcase was screened to a live audience at Paulson Auditorium, a seminar hall that’s typically home to Corporate Finance classes and LAUNCH lectures. But that night, the space was repurposed into a makeshift movie premiere.…

Stern Chats

Years ago, The Oppy and Stern Chats, Stern’s MBA student-run podcast, were one. The two organizations were considered a single club, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the pair drifted apart. Now, with new leadership and a pursuit initiated by The Oppy that walked the fine line between perseverance and stubbornness, we are excited to announce that The Oppy and Stern Chats are partners once again. As the two media platforms on campus, we plan on sharing resources, cross-promoting, and hosting events together as the new school year approaches.

Longtime podcast lover Jennifer Evensen, a full time MBA 1 student, has just been elected the new President of Stern Chats for the upcoming year.…

Stern Hobbies: Woodworking

Perhaps some of you have already noticed, but a year of being kept almost exclusively at home can do a number on your social skills (read: patience). I began to realize this the first time I saw lines of people again at the grocery store and waiting to enter an outdoor bar. The ability to be comfortable in social settings is a delicate balance that’s easy to throw off kilter- too much interaction and you could get overwhelmed (like me), too little and you’ve lost all the requisite patience to maintain and build relationships. 

As I struggled with rebuilding that patience, I found myself at times more interested in continuing my stay at home orders rather than adhering to the constantly changing Covid mandates.…

Stern Hobbies: Leaving yourself in stitches

The goal of most businesses, particularly one run by a business school student, is to make money. Langone student Cynthia Jung, however, has found another purpose.

“My selling platform is really not meant to sell,” she says. “It’s actually meant to get people to stop asking me to make them things for free constantly.”

Given the time and money Cynthia puts into knitting, it’s hard to argue. And make no mistake, Cynthia is a serious knitter, spending upwards of 30 hours on some of her projects. Her knitting-specific Instagram feed shows off the full range of her work, from beanies to bikinis, and even if profit isn’t the goal, she is still managing to get complete strangers for customers.…

Dear Oppy: May 2021

We are proud to continue our agony advice column, Dear Oppy: B-School Advice for the Everyday Sternie – “real questions, terrible advice.”

Dear Oppy,

I am about to graduate next week, and I’ve been seeing a fellow graduating MBA student on and off for the past couple years. I’m staying in NYC and he’s moving to the West Coast. I don’t know if I should continue to try and make it work or call it. Help!



Dear Hopeful,

Our whole MBA experience has been online and Stern believes that has been just as valuable as in-person school, so just schedule a bi-weekly Zoom meeting, and you’ll be good to go.…


SternSounds | May 21 

A monthly playlist curated by the Stern student body, gathered and groove approved by The Oppy.

Follow the Stern Opportunity’s Spotify to never miss a playlist: 

The Official Oppy Spotify

May ‘21 SternSounds Playlist

Sternies, we have made it to the end of perhaps the most unusual academic year. Many of you started school virtually, while others trudged on after the bewilderment of last spring. Either way, we hope you are safe and very well-adjusted to taking finals over Zoom in the comfort of your home.

This is the final SternSounds playlist of the academic year, having kicked off our monthly playlist this spring.…

Meet the Incoming LSG Co-Presidents!

By Courtney Ferguson & Dana Jones

After over a year of Zoom breakout rooms, socially-distanced coffee chats, and reminding professors to start the recording, Langone students can see the light at the end of this virtual learning tunnel (we hope!). As we eagerly await herd immunity and the return of a somewhat normal MBA experience, we can’t help but acknowledge the incredible ways Langone students have excelled during this time by continuing to support each other professionally and personally. This sense of community is what makes the Langone program so special, and why we can’t wait to embark on a new year as your co-presidents. …

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