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B-School Newspaper Coalition: March 2022 Roundup

Last year, The Oppy reached out to other business school newspapers around the country to get a sense of how they’re running their papers. After meeting with several editors-in-chief from MBA programs, we decided to form a coalition with a small but growing group of top graduate business schools. We are going to share some of their best articles from their monthly issues.

For March, we have ChiBus, the newspaper from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Some of their more interesting reads:

From the Archive: The Future of Work – An Interview with The Economist’s Callum Williams

As we slowly emerge from the shadow of the pandemic, Booth students interview The Economist’s Callum Williams to understand more about the major trends that will shape the future of work post Covid.

Books You Missed: Last Resort by Andrew Lipstein – A Review

You will enjoy this if: You have read The Plot and wished it focused more on the legal and ethical nuances of writing, you enjoy flawed characters making dubious decisions, you enjoy novels about novels!

Caleb’s wildest dreams are about to come true: he is going to become a published author.

There’s just one problem though. It may not be his story to tell.

Of late, there seems to be an influx of fiction with one writer stealing another’s work, The Plot being one of the more popular releases from 2021. Where The Plot collapses under the weight of its own hubris (a plot of a lifetime!…

Reactions to Remote Learning

Coming back from winter break to, in some cases, entirely virtual classes has caused a wide range of reactions from Sternies. Some are all for remote learning, some are entirely against it and others would like a hybrid option. Mixed feelings, such as the frustration of not being able to meet with our peers and professors, and relief over reducing the risk of exposure to Omicron, abound. One thing is clear though, we all want to be with those we have forged special connections with in a safe environment and in a way that enhances the Stern experience, not only for current MBA students but also for future generations. …

Wellness & Busyness Part 2: Interview with Allyson Dhindsa, Career Coach at Stern

This interview is a follow-up to our Wellness & Busyness article from November, in which we received an overwhelming response from students regarding their tactics to balance life, work, and attaining MBAs in a society that tends to glorify “busyness.” Allyson Dhindsa is an associate director in the Office of Career Development at Stern. She coaches full-time MBA students 1:1 as well as in groups, on attaining internships and full-time roles, particularly those with non-traditional backgrounds. She looked over our raw data (anonymous still) from the survey and sat down with me to give her thoughts on busyness in business school, from the perspective of a career coach.…

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