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Showcasing members of the student body and what makes them the incredible individuals they are.

Stern Singles Presents: Dylan Lyons

Welcome back to another addition of Stern Singles. I’m so excited to introduce you all to Stern’s most eligible bachelor, our Mr. October, Dylan Lyons

Sternie Testimonials:

Dylan works at language start up, Babbel – you better believe he knows the language of love.

Love a man who knows his lengua. High praise Dylan

I looked up satisfaction in the dictionary, and it read Dylan Lyons

I like this somewhat dirty flirty wordy vibe you’ve got going Dylan.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dylan in person (*gasp*) at a central park picnic a few weeks ago.…

Stern Singles Presents: Sarah Rothstein

Welcome back from summer break! The world is still a mess, but I’m here to bring some sunshine to your life and introduce you to September’s most eligible bachelorette, Sarah Rothstein.

Sternie Testimonials:

Her eyes shimmer like tequila sodas on a warm summer evening. If you want to impress her, simply say ‘Davai poydom na uzhen!’”

Wow, multicultural AND delicious. 

“Sarah’s got it all: she’s smart, she’s beautiful, and she somehow is able to make a gourmet meal on nothing but a hot plate.” 

My love language is hot plate mac & cheese.

The world looked a little different when Sarah joined Stern.…

Stern Singles Presents: David Leffler

Welcome to this semester’s first edition of Stern Singles! It is my pleasure to introduce you to this month’s eligible bachelor, Dave Leffler.

Sternie Testimonials

Worldly, disciplined, and eloquent. Not much else needs to be said about Dave, except that he’s the sort of guy you’d want as your phone screen background. It’s not often that you meet someone that’s worthy of a right swipe on both TInder AND LinkedIn.

Something tells me this man is not going to be on the market long.

Dave and I met a little over a year ago and he’s been an amazing friend, colleague, and mentor.

Stern Singles Presents: Ben Tantanella

Summer is right around the corner and it is getting hot in the latest addition of Stern Singles. 

Our newest featured bachelor, our Mr. May, is none other than Ben Tantanella.

Sternie Testimonials:

“Ben helped me buy lingerie for my partner. If there is a lovely lady out there interested in Ben, she should know that underwear is part of the deal.”

We’ll touch more on this momentarily, but wow, great way to break the ice.

“This handsome boy is a gentleman on the streets and a freak in the sheets. By sheets I mean balance sheets…yes, Ben will help you with your accounting homework.”

Stern Singles Presents: Shelby Duncan

Hello Sternies, it is such a pleasure to share with you May’s most eligible bachelorette, Shelby Duncan.

Sternie Testimonials:

“Shelby has the mind and maturity of a 40 year old Nobel Peace Prize winner but the body of a 20 year old instamodel. Seriously. She. Does. Not. Age.”

I need to meditate on that for a minute.

“She makes a kick ass pomme aligot (Google it and get your Lactate ready)”

Why did that turn me on? Seriously, thanks for the new therapy content. 

State your name and the best 1-2 sentence summary about you and your aspirations:

What’s cookin’ good lookin’ – Shelby Duncan here, writing you from the best coast in isolation.

Stern Singles Presents: James Prager

Welcome back to our Quarantine edition of Stern Singles! For the month of April, we are happy to share with you our charming bachelor, James Prager!

Sternie Testimonials: 

James is probably the funniest MBA2 at Stern. His sense of humor is both sharp and ridiculous.” 

Funny and cute? Can there be a better combo? We’d like fries with that.

“He is one of the kindest and tallest people I know.”

Ok, forget the fries. We like ‘em tall. Hellooooo, friendly, funny, cute giant.

My acronym for JAMES is Juicy. Athletic. Mesmerizing. Emotionally-intelligent. Smart-ass.”

Hmmm, this is a bit of a mixed message.…

Stern Singles Presents: Kate Burke

Welcome back to another addition of Stern Singles! We are so happy to present you COVID cuties with April’s most eligible bachelorette, Kate Burke.

Sternie Testimonials:

“ I’m so glad to have gone on this MBA journey with someone who perfectly emulates Kris Jenner energy.”

I am frightened AND intrigued.

“Kate has this sense of humor that sneaks up on you, but cuts right to the heart of things. She’s the only person who’s made me feel enlightened as beer shoots out my nose”

That’s the type of release we all need right now.

Kate graced the Stern Community emerging onto the scene in Fall 2017, as a proud Blue Block member.…

Stern Singles Presents: Alex Shih

Welcome back to another addition of Stern Singles! As the weather warms up, and love fills the air, we are excited to introduce our most eligible bachelor of the month – Alex Shih!


“Alex is amazing because when he goes to a Sternie’s birthday party, he is constantly busy making sure that the birthday person is having the time of his/her lives. That means asking the restaurant ahead of time if he can bring a cake, or going to Party City beforehand to buy whole balloons and party favors, or weaving through a big rowdy crowd to get to the waiter to ask how/when the birthday person can get their bottle and birthday sign.” 

Stern Singles Presents: Connie Meltzer.

Welcome back to another addition of Stern Singles, for the month of
March we are so happy to share with you all our lovely new bachelorette, Connie Meltzer.

Sternie Testimonials:

“She never takes herself too seriously, and will certainly
keep you laughing. Her smile is downright contagious and her dimples are to die

“Dimples to die for” is my
new 2020 energy.

“Connie used to be a lifeguard, so dating her is basically
dating a real life mermaid. Connie is the perfect combination of gentle and
fearless, and life is never boring or lonely with her. “

Seriously, why don’t my friends talk about me like this?…

Stern Singles Presents: Raechel Shaw

The Oppy staff wants to start up a new feature for the paper called “Stern Single” showcasing members of the student body and what makes them the incredible individuals they are. 

For our inaugural subjects of Stern Single, and in honor of Valentine’s Day, and my love for Pilot Pete, we are proud to present NYU Stern’s Most Eligible Bachelorette, Raechel Shaw

Sternie Testimonials:

“I never thought anyone could make me feel the way Super Bowl Halftime Show made me feel.. until I met Raechel” 

High Praise.

I wish I had her arms” 

Me too man.. Me too. …

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