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Showcasing members of the student body and what makes them the incredible individuals they are.

Stern Singles Presents: Kathryn Whitney

Summer is here and we are capping off another year of Stern Singles. Our newest featured bachelorette is none other than Kathryn Whitney.

Sternie Testimonials:

In addition to being one of the funniest people I know, Kathryn is kind, smart and down for any adventure.

Those are all high qualities in an adventure companion.

Kathryn is the type of person you’d be happy to get stuck next to at a dinner party table.

Honestly at this point I’d just be happy to get stuck at a dinner party again. But I appreciate the notion.

Kathryn recently joined Stern to pivot into “marketing at a nonprofit, preferably one that helps give under-resourced kids access to higher education.”…

Stern Singles Presents: Erin Pettis

Welcome back to another addition of Stern Singles. We are excited to introduce you all to another Stern eligible bachelorette, Erin Pettis! 

Sternie testimonials:

“From her infectious smile to her knowledge of the best restaurants in NYC, Erin is the person you can always count on for positivity and a fun time. She also has the cutest dog…so it’s a win-win!” 

“Erin is the catch of all catches. Not only is she the most down to earth, chill puppy mom to have a sophisticated conversation with, she also whips up a mean mezcal cocktail.”

?If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my dog?…and…

Stern Singles Presents: Ryan Bedell

The first thing I learned about Ryan Bedell is that, as an employee of NYU he is getting his Stern education for free, which means he has made at least one more solid business decision than I have. There may be several others. Jury’s still out.

Since then, our classmates and I have learned that Ryan is one awesome, chill dude, bro. Funny, laid back, and the guy can put together a smorgasbord like none other. In fact, he literally smokes and sells his own bacon. But then again, you should know that already. If you don’t, just see what his classmates have to say about Ryan, both the man and the budding bacon entrepreneur that he is.…

Stern Singles Presents: Katie Starsia

What’s that? The politics and sports guy is writing Stern Singles? Yeah, it’s weird, and if you all think romance isn’t my strong suit, my wife would probably agree. But some people are such obvious catches that they make this job easy, and Katie Starsia fits that bill.

Katie is smart, funny, as literate in politics as she is in reality TV, and an all-around sports industry badass whose TikTok culture savvy doesn’t prevent her from geeking out with the comic book nerds. Did I mention she was a Division-I athlete in undergrad and she does custom baking as a side hustle?…

Stern Singles Presents: Steve Reuther

Hello Sternies, welcome back to another edition of Stern Singles. This pot of gold is March’s most eligible bachelor, Steven Reuther 

Sternie Testimonials:

I have no other way to say this.. but Steven just gives off protagonist vibes. He always feels like the main character of whatever is going on.

This may be my favorite testimonial we’ve received. 

He is the most consistent friend I have. If he commits to something (travel, Zoom hangout, etc.) or says he will call at a certain time, he does. 

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like Boyfriend material to the Oppy Staff.…

Stern Singles Success Story

‘Tis the season for hearts, roses, chocolates, and dare we say it….quarantine love. Well, at least for some. While the rest of us may be faring these cold nights alone, let us tell you about a little Stern match that happened thanks to The Oppy. Would we call ourselves matchmakers? Absolutely. But we will let you form your own conclusions.

Meet Conor Clark. Tall, handsome, engineer, and previous-single Langone student, who is The Oppy’s VP of Relations and the genius mastermind behind “Stern Singles” 

I first spoke to Conor on the phone last January when interviewing him for an editorial board position for The Oppy.

Stern Singles Presents: Alec Eisenberg

Welcome back to another edition of Stern Singles. Just in time for Valentine’s day, I present you with February’s heart throb, Stern’s most eligible bachelor, Alec Eisenberg.

Sternie Testimonials:

Alec is a total catch and the complete package; all other guys should want him off the market so we can stop competing against him.

Lucky for me, where we collaborate we don’t need to compete. Let’s gas this man up.

If you’re ever having a bad day and need to be reminded to keep moving forward, Alec is your guy! He’s kind, reliable, and can talk about anything….no seriously ask him anything, he’s an open book.

Stern Singles Presents: Chris Surot

Happy Holidays Sternies, welcome back to another edition of Stern Singles, and WOW do I have a stocking stuffer for you. It is my pleasure to present you with Stern’s most eligible bachelor, Chris Surot.

Sternie Testimonials:

“My guy Chris is a studly and vivacious ball of positive energy; it’s hard not to have a great time when he’s around. Always up to do something fun and knows how to chill with the best of them. Last tidbit, while he’s a man of many talents, his dancing prowess reigns supreme.”

That’s a tasty tidbit guy. I wish my friends called me vivacious.…

Stern Singles Presents: Hayley Wilcox

Welcome back to another addition of Stern Singles. We are excited to introduce you all to another Stern eligible bachelorette, Hayley Wilcox!

Sternie testimonials: 

H – ot

A – uthentic

Y – es girl

L – oving 

E – xtremely fun

Y – ou should date her

Enough said, don’t you think? 

I was introduced to Hayley through a mutual friend from college, which goes to show, the world really is that small. In a nutshell, Hayley Wilcox is a fun-loving ~cool girl~ hailing from California making major moves (both NYU undergrad and Stern!) in the world of media, tech, and corporate development.…

Stern Singles Presents: Patton Chandler

Welcome back to another addition of Stern Singles. We are excited to introduce you all to another Stern eligible bachelor, Patton Chandler! A musical theater, college football, and all things fried loving southern boy looking for love!! 

Patton grew up in Huntsville, Ala., home of the world renowned Space Camp and setting for The Case of the U.S. Space Camp Mission, a true classic of the Olsen Twins’ cinematic oeuvre. Patton received his BFA in musical theater at The Hartt School in Connecticut and then headed to the big city, where he spent six years working as an actor. 

He’s a fresh Sternie, obeys COVID-19 quarantine rules, loves a good Christmas decor situation, and is loyal to the core.…

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