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Posts published in “Stern Faculty Spotlight”

Stern Faculty Spotlight: Nate Pettit

“It’s not about everybody becoming a CEO. It’s about hopefully having conversations that give people the courage to be true to themselves. And then when I see people being more true to themselves, that’s where I sit back and I’m just like, ‘I’m so freaking lucky that I get to do what I do.’” -Nate Pettit

This month’s Stern Faculty Spotlight features Nate Pettit, an associate Professor of Management and Organizations. He teaches the core course “Leadership in Organizations” in the full-time MBA program and serves as an advisor of the Leadership Development Program.

As the faculty representative for Stern Chats, Professor Pettit has been described as a foundational part of the MBA student podcast. …

Stern Faculty Spotlight: Alison Taylor

“I have got a very long way […]  by pivoting careers and fields frequently. I think that there is a lot to be gained by seeing connections between things rather than staying in one area and just doing the same thing over and over again. Going to business school is an amazing moment to completely change your career, so I would advise people to take that possibility seriously because you don’t have endless chances to do that. Think creatively, because a sideways move might be very good for you in the long term.” – Alison Taylor 

This month’s Stern Faculty Spotlight features Alison Taylor, the Executive Director of Ethical Systems and Adjunct Professor at Stern.…

Stern Faculty Spotlight: Dean Raghu Sundaram

The Oppy is proud and honored to kick off our inaugural Stern Faculty Spotlight with Dean Raghu Sundaram. In addition to being published extensively in various finance and economic academic journals and authoring books on optimization theory and derivatives, Dean Sundaram has led the launch of two one-year MBA programs at Stern and popular initiatives, such as Endless Frontier Labs. Dean Sundaram received his BA in Economics from the University of Madras, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and a PhD in economics from Cornell University. He sat down with The Oppy to discuss Zoom classes, virtual networking, and most importantly, negronis.…

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