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Celebrating Women’s History Month in NYC

March marks the thirty-sixth annual Women’s History Month, which honors the under-recognized achievements made by women in our culture. For centuries now, upstart women have flocked to New York, pounding its streets, forever changing the course of art, technology, society and so much more. Here are ten ways to celebrate women—in all of their brilliance and diversity—across the city this month.  All genders are welcome.

1. Have an Artsy Afternoon.

MoMA is now hosting Tarsila do Amaral’s first U.S. exhibition.  More than four decades after her death, she remains one of Brazil’s most iconic artists and is widely cited as its mother of modernism.…

A reflection on society: the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas

For many, February 14 is a day filled with kitschy gifts and valentines. However, for the city of Parkland and surrounding communities, that date will represent a far grimmer event, where 17 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (Douglas) students, teachers, and coaches lost their lives and another 14 were injured in a school shooting. The identified shooter was a former Douglas student who was expelled from the school. No one can predict when something like this will happen and it is always unfortunate when this becomes a reality. With this being said, it comes as no surprise to find that school and public facilities may decide to order a turnstile from Daosafe, for example, in the hopes of increasing the level of security.…

Not one more.

I was five years old the first time I visited my family in rural West Virginia.

I travelled to my grandparents’ hometown of Beckley on the train with my grandma, a 13-hour journey that to five-year-old me felt like being transported to a completely different world. How was it possible that a place could look so different, that people could be so different, but still call the same country home? I remember being overwhelmed by this unshakable feeling, but not being totally able to explain why. It was not until later that I learned the proper term to describe those emotions: culture shock.…

NYU organizes Parkland vigil

In the aftermath of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, there was no shortage of acute connections between the NYU Community and the victims of the tragedy. The NYU Office of Global Spiritual Life worked with current NYU students to organize a vigil for the victims and survivors on Thursday, February 22, at 5 p.m.; the gathering was at capacity on the inner steps of NYU’s Kimmel Center.

NYU Stern undergraduate Dakota Damiani felt the effects of the Parkland shooting with particular sharpness. She attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas for high school, and has siblings currently enrolled there. She worked with NYU’s Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life (GCASL) staff to set up the vigil.…

My hometown is Parkland, FL.

When I started classes at Stern on my first day of Summer Start in July 2016, I didn’t tell anyone that I was from Parkland, FL. I’ve been through this before while living in St. Louis, Columbus, and Philly. You hear the traditional “what’s your name, where are you from, what do you do” questions. No one has ever heard of Parkland, FL. This makes sense-it’s a tiny town next to the Everglades with a population of 32,000. It’s much easier to say that I’m from “South Florida” or “Outside Ft. Lauderdale” or “Close to Boca Raton.” When my parents moved from Boston to Parkland, my grandma used to tease my dad and say “none of my friends have ever heard of Parkland.”…

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