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WHM 2018 Student spotlight: Bijal Shah

Bijal Shah
Social Impact and Sustainability Association

How do you feel about industry efforts to promote social impact and sustainability, as they pertain to women in business? 

The social impact and sustainability industry overall is growing and gaining traction as the movement to become a more socially conscious consumer spreads. The challenge for those interested in these career paths is that there is not direct recruiting path, but Stern’s Center for Sustainable Business under Professor Tensie Whelan has been doing incredible work and programming to highlight working professionals in the field and ways in which businesses can support sustainable initiatives. Within these careers, there are some paths that traditionally have always had more women, such as nonprofits and philanthropy, while other paths, such as supply chain operations and finance, could likely use more female representation.…

WHM 2018 Student spotlight: Stacy Moore

Stacy Moore
NYU Stern, Class of 2019
Co-Founder, Stern Mothers 

Can you tell us a little bit about the path that lead you to Stern (and your aspirations after graduating)?

I would say I’m more of a non-traditional MBA student, starting in my mid-30’s compared to most who start in their mid-to-late 20’s. After gaining many years of experience in PR and B2B marketing, I knew that I wanted to move into a leadership role, eventually C-suite executive role. I felt that an MBA would provide additional tools and strengthen my business expertise and present a pathway to break through the glass ceiling.…

WHM 2018 Student spotlight: Shante Frazier

Shante Frazier
Stern Women In Business

Tell us a little about you. What are you most passionate about?

I am from Canton, Ohio—a small city in Northeast Ohio that was once a manufacturing hub. There’s not a lot of economic opportunity in my hometown so I’ve always been passionate about education and its accessibility. As a woman of color, I am also passionate about making sure women and underrepresented minorities are moving into leadership roles in Corporate America. It’s one of the reasons why I chose to serve as co-president of SWIB. I also enjoy helping people solve problems, which is why I chose to go into consulting.…

WHM 2018 Student spotlight: Alex Leubecher

Alex Leubecher
Graduate Finance Association

Tell us about yourself. What are you most passionate about?

I love to travel. I love exploring new cities, national parks, and secluded beaches. When traveling I also like to try out the local cuisines—that’s actually my favorite part!

What has been your personal experience in the Stern community?

This program and community have opened up a lot of professional opportunities for me. I am particularly excited that I was able to participate in InSITE and become more engrained in the startup/venture capital NYC community, while also recruiting for and pursuing a career in investment banking.…

WHM 2018 Student spotlight: Farah Karim

Farah Karim
NYU Stern, Class of 2018
Co-President, South Asian Business Association at Stern

Can you tell us a little bit about the path that lead you to Stern?

When I was applying to business school, I thought I wanted to leave New York City all together. After going to NYU for undergrad and staying in the city after graduating, almost 10 years in the city felt like a long time and I thought I needed a break from it all. A majority of the schools I applied to were outside of New York. I had even put down a deposit on another school!…

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