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From the Editor: April 2020

Solidarity in Solitude 

I write this from the confines of my apartment between shifts, but despite the ability to leave for work, I have also felt the effects of solitude. I miss the ease of post-class happy hours and the freedom to have lunch with my coworkers in the break room. Remember when we used to complain about going to class? Now, most of us wish we could go back to that routine with the liberty to come and go. I wonder how the ladies from Sosnoff Café are doing? What I would do to have $2.75 in my pocket, to go grab a large vanilla-hazelnut coffee.…

From the Editor: March 2020

It has been an eventful month between the presidential primary elections taking place; COVID-19 becoming a “very high” global risk, as per the World Health Organization; and the consequential impact on the stock market. In addition to that, there was the day-to-day stress of surviving our first month of the 2020 academic year back at Stern and wondering if there actually is going to be any snow this winter. We are persevering, however, and there is now only a week between us and the very much needed Spring Break. While DBis and some treks may have been cancelled, due to CDC recommendations that educational institutes cancel study abroad programs, the school break, whether spent in NYC or away, is very much needed for most of us. …

From the Editor: February 2020

It is with great pride that I take on the role of editor-in-chief of our favorite (and, for that matter, only) school newspaper. The Oppy took a little hiatus, but with a new decade comes new staff hoping to give you the same great paper. The Oppy has been the voice of the Stern MBA community for 55 volumes and that is going to continue with No. 56. This paper has seen many an MBA class come and go, and witnessed some of Stern’s most notable alumni. Whether you are just getting settled in for the start of your MBA journey or starting the final countdown to your last step out KMC’s revolving door, I hope you find The Oppy a valuable part of your time here.…

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