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Letter from the Editors: Taking Up the Baton at the Oppy

Dear Sternies,

We are so excited to ring in a new year of The Oppy! As co-Editors in Chief, our goals this year are to continue telling the stories of Stern’s incredible graduate community, from career ambitions, to unique hobbies, to opportunities for adventure in the great city of New York. Please read below for a welcome note from Phuong & Snigdha:


My name is Phuong Tran (pronounced fuhng, or you can call me PTran, as many fellow classmates call me), and I’m ecstatic to be a co-Editor-in-Chief this upcoming school year. I’m a Langone student with a background in neuroscience & behavioral health, having worked in project management in the behavioral health research, social impact, and law sectors, all at NYU since I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta.…


Dear Sternies,

First, we want to acknowledge the incredible run our current editor-in-chief, Deirdre Keane, has had heading the resurrection and successful resurgence of The Oppy over the last two years. We don’t know many people who can save lives at their day job, attend night classes, run a bunch of marathons, and restart a newspaper from scratch all at the same time, especially during a pandemic. Do you? Thanks Deirdre for all you’ve done for The Oppy. We didn’t quite know how to continue without you, so we realized we needed two editors-in-chief to run this thing after you’re gone.…

MBA Advice from a Langone Student

After spending a whopping four whole years as a Langone student – from pre-pandemic, to the peak of Covid, to this new world we live in – I feel I’ve learned a lot in how to optimize the MBA experience as a part-time student. From making friends, to selecting classes, joining clubs, networking, and having fun, it is A LOT with a full-time job. However, you did not come to Stern so you could attend two evening classes a week for a few years and take nothing more from the experience. It’s also the people you’ll meet and the experience you get outside of the classroom that will leave you satisfied with your time here.…

Letter from the Editor: May 2021

Hello Sternies!

School is winding down for the academic year and so is The Oppy. In our final issue of Volume 57, we bring you…

– A review of Stern Follies: A Lad in B-School (spoiler alert, it was a HIT).

– We discuss pertinent topics, such as ‘Who is going to take over the SternMBAMemes Instagram account after MBA2 Morgan Salvan graduates?’

– I asked our graduating editorial board members to give me one last article to leave as their legacies. In a profound answer to that call, VP of Tech Mattia Janigro writes an MBA’s guide to Taylor Swift’s entire discography.…

Letter from the Editor: March 2021

Just when you thought 60-degree days and increased vaccine distribution couldn’t be topped, the March Issue of The Oppy is out now!

In this edition, we are excited to present our inaugural SternSounds playlist – a genius idea by AVP of Technology, Phuong Tran. Every month, we will crowdsource Sternies’ favorite songs into a Spotify playlist. Contribute to next month’s playlist here. You guys sure have some eclectic taste.
Now, back to the “news.” Langone Managing Editor, David Kalan, writes about why the American Rescue Plan, the largest federal aid package since the Great Depression, is bold, progressive, and transformative. …

Letter from the Editor: February 2021


We know you’ve been going through withdrawal without your favorite newspaper giving you nonsensical articles. But much like those five pounds of Covid/holiday weight, we are not going anywhere.

In the first issue of 2021, we have a healthcare professional’s research on the Covid vaccine and its distribution process (spoiler alert: the healthcare professional is me), a clever (and benevolent) way to secure a vaccine in NYC, and two more great Covid Journals: our very own MBA2, Lauren Marinaro and an exchange student from Tel Aviv, Moshe Hildesheimer. We review Professor Scott Galloway’s book, Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity.…

Letter from the Editor: December 2020

The Oppy Editorial Board is proud to introduce its newly-formatted newsletter with this issue (Thanks to Phuong Tran, our AVP of Technology!). Less text-heavy emails and more pictures makes the email easier to skim before deleting. 🙂 

We are only days away from finals being over and, therefore, the end of the semester. Why not enjoy these articles during study breaks? 

SGov tells us about the socially-distanced events they hosted this semester. Ben Sellitto, a Langone student, shares a pretty impressive model he created to help in course selection. Owen Lee, our B-School beekeeper, shares how he got into his unusual hobby.…

Letter from the Editor: November 2020

This is becoming monotonous, wouldn’t you agree? “Another month of virtual learning, Stern is resilient, and we will continue to succeed!” Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I’m over it, too.

Yet, here we are. There’s no other choice, and I must say we are doing the best we can. I’ve been trying to be more intentional and have been attending all the virtual and outdoor events I can. A Biergarten you say? In November? Ok, I’ve got my turtleneck, sweater, fleece, and down coat on. Let’s go. I may lose sensation in my fingers, despite the mittens, but the company is great and that’s what I’m here for.…

Letter from the Editor: October 2020

One month of classes down, either virtually or socially distanced in KMC. While this year only continues to get weirder, Sternies are adjusting. Whether it’s navigating hybrid classes, virtual recruitment, or cold-temperature tolerance for outdoor dining, we have proved to be a resilient bunch.

In this issue, we bring you some light-hearted reviews of virtual races, the NBA finals, and dating apps. We dive into some significant topics, such as the upcoming election, its effects on the market, and adjustment disorder. We had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO and EiC of Poets & Quants, John Byrne, about how his graduate school paper impacted him and how he ended up being a key figure in the B-school space.…

Letter from the Editor: September 2020

Welcome back!

Whether you are back on campus or bracing yourself for another semester on Zoom, we hope you are well and are looking forward to whatever this semester brings. The Oppy is going to continue to connect us this academic year by reporting on Stern events, current affairs, relevant topics, and delivering more of our regular features – Stern Singles, Stern Somebody, The Graduate, and Dear Oppy. In addition, we are happy to announce a new feature we’re calling Allyship, which will serve as a forum to continue our discussions on social justice and racial reckoning. 

While there is some much uncertainty in 2020, we want to highlight the strength of our Stern community and continue to develop our relationships and network.…

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