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DBi… Hong Kong: Skyscrapers, Tech and Dim Sum

On January 5t, 36 students took flight to a city that in some ways could be mistaken for the city they left behind. It’s hard to believe, but in Hong Kong there is even an area called SOHO, though it stands for South of Hollywood. While the city is bustling, the skyscrapers are tall and people squeeze onto subway platforms all day long, that’s about all that makes Hong Kong the same as New York. It didn’t take long for the group to start observing the differences that made the city uniquely Hong Kong.

For one, no
one jaywalks, and people actually stand in lines for the bus.…

DBi… Australia: On Building a Stronger Economy

New York battled with snow and freezing temperatures, 40 Sternies headed to
sunny Sydney to learn about Australia’s robust business world over two action-packed
weeks. Under the guidance of Professor Peter Sheldon at the University of New
South Wales’ Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), students were
given access to business leaders across a range of industries, along with
government officials and non-profit professional working on various facets of
Australia’s economic landscape. 

diverse group of MBAs stated a number of goals they were hoping to achieve
through the course, roughly falling into the following themes: understanding
how Australia had managed to generate positive economic growth for 27 straight
years while so many other economies suffered multiple recessions; drawing similarities
and differences of conducting business in a place outside of the United States,
especially relevant for those of us who had only ever worked within the US; realizing
the major governmental, socio-political, and geographic factors that impact an
economy as uniquely situated as Australia’s; and finally, learning from our
business education at Stern may or may not translate in a different culture.…

DBi… Israel: On Chutzpah, the Spirit of the Start-up Nation

This January, a group of 37 students from both
the full- and part-time MBA programs set off with high expectations on a
two-week DBi trip to Tel Aviv, Israel. We quickly acclimated to Israel’s mild
January temperatures, incredible food scene, and stimulating academic and
business environment.

Israel is
defined as a start-up nation. 
It has more start-ups per capita than any other country in the
world.  More than 1,200 start-ups are
launched every year, and at least 80
percent of these new ventures fail within that first year.  These percentages sound demoralizing but are
considered to represent success by most international venture capitalists who
continue to invest heavily in Israel’s start-ups.  This…

DBi… Singapore: From the Marina Bay Sands to the Hawker Centers

Fresh off the New Year’s celebration, with resolutions still intact, Sternies boarded planes all across the world to descend on Singapore for a two week intensive “Doing Business in…” program. The program in Singapore focuses on deepening the understanding of how to do business in the various countries and cultures across Asia. Through a partnership with the National University of Singapore (NUS) led by Professor Prem Shamdasani – affectionately known as “Doctor Love” – we attended classroom lectures, corporate visits, and cultural treks.

In the
classroom, top professors at NUS shared their insights on how business was
conducted in each country, often introducing a framework to help capture the
best strategy for success.…

DBi… South Africa: Exploring Facets of Cape Town

We kicked off 2019 with more than 20 hours of travel to the
southern tip of Africa, to Cape Town. Leaving New York’s winter behind, we were
welcomed by a blissful, Mediterranean-like breeze. Our home for the next two
weeks was mere steps away from a developed, bustling waterfront. During our
time at the University of Cape Town, we dug beneath the surface and explored underlying
facets of Cape Town that are rarely seen by tourists.

South Africa has a complex business environment. We learned about a variety of topics ranging from food security to investing in sustainability projects. Across these topics, the prevailing theme was the impact of political and social tensions on businesses large and small.…

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