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Oppy Royalty

We are proud to feature our very own Stacy Chen and Nate Hoey, as The Oppy’s Prom Queen and King. Keep your eyes peeled for these cuties on Thursday.

Up first is our VP of Relations, Stacy Chen.

Stacy is an MBA2 student and has had an extensive career working in media at ABC and NBC before coming to Stern. However, we would argue that her work at The Oppy has been the most formative for her, professionally and personally. Right, Stace? Joking aside, Stacy is a force to be reckoned with. Not only did she create the B-School Newspaper Coalition with the most prestigious MBA programs in the U.S.,…

Commencement in the Time of COVID

I find myself lamenting many facts about our new normal. Those exciting events that once felt like momentous occasions—graduations, weddings, and big vacations—feel insignificant in today’s context, when healthcare workers are struggling to find the necessary supplies to care for the sick and over 6 million Americans are filing for unemployment in one week.

Of course, I know it’s still natural to grieve for the loss of these milestones. I was personally so excited for my family to visit NYC for my MBA graduation. Their flights from Florida were already booked and their hotel reservations made. It would be my 10-month-old niece’s first trip on an airplane, my boyfriend’s family’s first time meeting my family, and my mom had won two tickets to Hamilton for us and would take me as a graduation present.…

LSG Winter Getaway

Wow friends. That was quite the trip. For those of you that stayed home this past weekend, your fellow Sternies made their way up to Stratton Vermont for the LSG Winter Getaway. This was my first ski trip at Stern, and while the bar was set pretty high from the stories my classmates had told me, damn did this trip deliver. 

The trip began with a casual 5 hour bus ride out of Greenwich Village up to the Green Mountain Forest of Southern Vermont. As soon as the bus cleared the city limits of New York and we made it to the highway, my fellow riders quickly found their sea legs and began to walk around and socialize.…

SGOV: Three presidential tickets propose sensible plans for improving student life

By Jeremy Russell

This week, the student body will have the opportunity to elect the co-presidents for the 2020-2021 academic year. This is an important annual expression of democracy at a micro scale that allows members of the Stern community to highlight their primary concerns to both student leadership and the NYU administration. The outcome of this week’s vote will of course affect current students, but also set the tone for the incoming class of 2022. While this may not be the most important election of 2020 (perhaps a close second), this contest could impact your life in more concrete ways, including increased SGOV responsiveness and transparency, fewer recruiting events during midterms, and free coffee.…

Recap on “Medicare for All Debate”

By Aditi Thakur

With the 2020 elections approaching quickly, Medicare for All is once again at the forefront of intense debate. Sharp divisions exist not only along party lines, but also within parties themselves, as the progressive and moderate wings find themselves debating the merits of a complete overhaul or a more gradual transition to single payer healthcare. As with most hot-button topics, the Medicare debate has, unfortunately, devolved into a partisan issue with a lack of substantive debate about its economic and policy nuances. 

The Adam Smith Society, or SmithSoc, is a national chapter-based network of MBA students that facilitates nonpartisan discussion and debate of pressing economic and public policy issues.…

Introducing A Selection of This Year’s $300K Challenge Finalists

Four finalist teams talk about their passion, sharing how the team came together and their favorite moments.

CariedAway is keeping kids cavity-free through preventive care treatments performed conveniently in school settings rather than at dentists’ offices.

Left to right: Richard Niederman and Pratik Sourav (not pictured: Habib Benzian and Anthony Donadia)
Photo credit: Courtesy of W.R. Berkley Innovation Labs

What idea are you bringing to the $300K Challenge?  

CariedAway brings care to kids in schools. Specifically, we bring cavity prevention to kids. Cavities are a preventable bacterial infection, technically called “caries.” Hence the name CariedAway.

Care through our services takes less than 15 minutes twice per year and reduces cavities by almost 80 percent.…

Learning to Navigate the Corporate Jungle Gym at the 27th Annual SWIB Conference

As I approached the registration desk for the 27th Annual Stern Women in Business (SWIB) Conference, a woman handed over my nametag and a brochure. In proud, bold capital letters, the brochure boasted this year’s theme: “Through Her Eyes: Navigating the Jungle Gym.”

I immediately envisioned the time-worn, wooden playground on which I experienced so much laughter as well as a copious amount of splinters during my school days. Yet, I struggled to connect a jungle gym with my career.

Keynote speaker Colleen Taylor, Executive Vice President at Mastercard, skillfully aligned the metaphor with her professional journey, describing triumphs and obstacles alike in fitting terms such as “climbing the ladder,” “hanging from the monkey bars” and even “sliding.”…

Anything Is Possible at the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival

This year’s NYU Entrepreneurs Festival, the largest student-run event of its kind in the US, was held over the weekend of International Women’s Day on March 8. It was a packed weekend with four keynote speakers, talks, roundtables and workshops. Over 1,000 people attended to see over 60 startups showcased at the festival.

Highlights from the festival included the keynote speech from Maryellis Bunn, CEO and founder of the Museum of Ice Cream, as well as the student pitch competition.

Part I: Results of the Student Pitch Competition

Winner, Outro: Outro bills itself as the first app that makes staying safe as easy as having fun by rating and reviewing bars and clubs.…

Join the Sohn Idea Contest and Stay Tuned for Key Highlights from the Investment Conference

The Stern Oppy is excited to share with you the Sohn Idea Contest presented by GLG. In this contest, participants submit an investment idea with a 12-month horizon. The contest is judged by a distinguished group of today’s best investors.

The winning prize? Get on the stage of the Sohn Investment Conference on May 6 for your moment to shine! Check out details to the contest here and look to previous winners for inspiration!

If you’re unable to apply or attend the conference, stay tuned for key highlights from the Stern Oppy.

Photo credit: Reuters

Last year’s presentation by David Einhorn, President of Greenlight Capital, Inc.

Spotlight on CareHeart from the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge

To think we’re already approaching the end of the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge! We’ve seen some great startups and ideas from the community throughout the year. We continue our coverage with semi-finalist CareHeart.

Stern Oppy: Can you tell us about CareHeart?

CareHeart: CareHeart is a heart failure disease management app geared towards keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital. Patient engagement is the cornerstone of our solution as we need patients to use the app on a regular (daily) basis. Our app will delight users (or patients) with its simple design that works with any lifestyle. It also helps our customers (or hospitals) by reducing costs, lowering readmissions, and improving heart failure quality metrics.…

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