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Social Innovation Symposium: How crisis drives world changing ideas 

Can you guys start by telling us your names, year at Stern and your role within SISA?

HR: Hannah-Rose Mann, Full-time MBA2, VP of Flagship Events for SISA 

LC: London Clark, Full-time MBA1, AVP of Flagship Events for SISA, incoming Co-President for the 2022-23 school year

This year’s conference team also included Maddie Montes de Oca, Hayley Mead, Julie Tzeng, Rowan Kurtz, Alessandra Nunez, Tyler Rice, and Juan Fernando Junca-Neira.

What is SISA?

LC: SISA stands for Social Impact and Sustainability Association. Our mission is to grow a community of past, present, and future Sternies who have the skills, network, and motivation to lead their organizations towards a more equitable, sustainable future.…

A Tale of the NYC Marathon

It was the perfect fall morning. I had only gotten four hours of sleep, despite daylight savings. But that’s to be expected. It’s rare to get a good night’s sleep the night before a big race. With marathons, you typically focus on getting a lot of sleep the week leading up to the race. I hadn’t managed that either, but I knew I’d survive.

I was supposed to be on the 5:45am ferry to Staten Island. Yeah, okay. There was no way I was going to be on that ferry. I had no intention of spending multiple hours hanging out in Staten Island before a 9:10 start.…

Subject: 10 Reasons Not to Miss Prom and FAQs (aka why is it so expensive?)

By Qurat Khan

1. Make sure your LinkedIn DMs are answered in 5 years: let’s form authentic, fun memories together. As an MBA2 without any in-person events, I’m hoping to make the most of prom! You will look back in 5 years and remember the fun, get an actual response on LinkedIn and don’t just reflect back on THAT series of awkward Zoom coffee chats. 

2. Potential celebrity encounters (we saw George and Amal Clooney there)

3. Prizes *cough, cough, SoulCycle, cough* (non-covid coughs)

4. Tapas Style Dinner and Drinks:

Hors d’oeuvre / Dinner Menu:

1. Grilled NY Strip


Oppy Royalty

We are proud to feature our very own Stacy Chen and Nate Hoey, as The Oppy’s Prom Queen and King. Keep your eyes peeled for these cuties on Thursday.

Up first is our VP of Relations, Stacy Chen.

Stacy is an MBA2 student and has had an extensive career working in media at ABC and NBC before coming to Stern. However, we would argue that her work at The Oppy has been the most formative for her, professionally and personally. Right, Stace? Joking aside, Stacy is a force to be reckoned with. Not only did she create the B-School Newspaper Coalition with the most prestigious MBA programs in the U.S.,…

Commencement in the Time of COVID

I find myself lamenting many facts about our new normal. Those exciting events that once felt like momentous occasions—graduations, weddings, and big vacations—feel insignificant in today’s context, when healthcare workers are struggling to find the necessary supplies to care for the sick and over 6 million Americans are filing for unemployment in one week.

Of course, I know it’s still natural to grieve for the loss of these milestones. I was personally so excited for my family to visit NYC for my MBA graduation. Their flights from Florida were already booked and their hotel reservations made. It would be my 10-month-old niece’s first trip on an airplane, my boyfriend’s family’s first time meeting my family, and my mom had won two tickets to Hamilton for us and would take me as a graduation present.…

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