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Spring Fling: Masquerade

“We switched our facemasks for glamor masks.” This was the motto on Saturday as SGOV hosted “Spring Fling: Masquerade” at the Capitale on Bowery.

I woke up Saturday morning and panic raced through my mind as I saw the unrelenting rain storm. There were still a thousand other tasks I had to complete before the event, and the weather just did not want to cooperate with us, rain pouring all morning. There were doubts and questions constantly popping up in my mind. How do we get nearly 500 pounds of Mondelez candy out of my apartment in Stuytown and to the venue?…

Can’t Rain on our Yacht Night

Saturday was the LSG hosted “Yacht Night” on the Cornucopia Majesty Charter Yacht. The event was ironically called “Sail into Summer” on a freezing, miserably wet day. I also had the good fortune of working on Saturday. As I ran out of the hospital to grab a cup of coffee earlier that day, and was nearly simultaneously blown away and drowned by the weather, I wondered how this cruise would go. I sent a lot of Perfect Storm gifs to my Langone buddies to mentally prepare for the night.

Fortunately for all of us, the weather had vastly improved by that evening.…

Behind the Scenes: Passport Day 2022

The Stern International Committee’s premier event – Passport Day was held on April 14, 2022, after a pandemic-induced break of three years. The Passport Day is a celebration of the cultural diversity in our class with students and this year was no different! Featuring biryani and samosas from India and Pakistan, empanadas from Colombia, crêpes from France among many, MANY other delicacies from more than 25 countries, fabulous dance, song and comedic performances and attended by over 450 people, it was one of the biggest Stern events of the semester.

This year, the event was organized by the International Committee comprised of Jeetendra Khilnani, Anurup Gaurab, Joline Huntemann, Mike Wang, Nihar Patel, Leon Kee Pay and Jonas Putsch.…

SWIB Conference Round Up: Macro Forces and Micro Actions Expanding the Definition of Success

The Stern Women in Business Club held its annual conference on April 12, 2022, with the theme “Macro Forces and Micro Actions Expanding the Definition of Success.” The keynote speaker was Cynthia K Sakia, the co-founder of Vita Fede and Evolvetogether. The first panel, “Business, Society and Self” featured Pooja Bavishi, founder and CEO of Malai and Kit Krugman, Managing Director at co:collective and board member at WIN (Women in Innovation), discussing the macro forces that directly and indirectly impact our ability to succeed. The second panel, “What does it mean to ‘Have It All’” featured Rha Goddess, founder and CEO at Move the Crowd and Alisa Viti, menstrual and fertility health researcher and founder of FLO Living.…

TechCon: Tech To the Future

The Stern Technology Association (STA) is one of the most active student-led clubs in the school. They are known for their industry-focused events, career resources, and alumni contacts. The club has over 700 members and has become a must-join for students looking to build or grow their tech career.

The Tech Conference is an annual flagship event hosted by the STA. Organized by the student board, it brings together enthusiastic students and industry professionals in a number of panels over three days. This year the conference was organized by Zoë Barth-Werb (Full-time MBA2, VP Flagship Events), Aya Philémon (Full-time MBA2, VP Flagship Events),  Anushka Kurra (Full-time MBA1, AVP Flagship Events and incoming STA Co-President), Laura Ding, (Full-time MBA2, VP Flagship Events), Mary Vergara (Full-time MBA1, AVP Flagship Events), Sara Mahini (Full-time MBA1, AVP Flagship Events) and Jimmy Kepner (Full-time MBA2, STA Co-President).…

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