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Alumnus launches crypto-fund HODL Capital

As Bitcoin continues to make headlines, the famously grassroot and libertarian cryptocurrency ecosystem is becoming more institutionalized. You can find out all about bitcoin at or from similar sites who specialize in cryptocurrency. Established financial institutions continue to dip their toes in the water and once scrappy start-ups have begun to transition into more institutional roles. HODL Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund founded by New York University alumni Thomas Pacchia, is one such firm.

While most people use online signals groups such as altcoin signals reddit, Pacchia is hoping that users will transition into more of a paid and official model.…

Alumni Spotlight: Stacey Widlitz

Alumni Spotlight: Stacey Widlitz

From NYU Stern to Founder of SW Retail Advisors, CNBC Contributor and On-Air Analyst

Jessica Wasserman, Managing Editor

The holiday season is a time for family, friends, holiday parties, and good cheer. For Stacey Widlitz, President of SW Retail Advisors Inc., it is busy season. Widlitz and her staff pound the pavement, endure the crowds of shoppers, and gather on-the-ground market intelligence for a number of global retailers.

SW Retail Advisors Inc. is a consulting firm that combines traditional equity research with on-the-ground market research in both the United States and Europe. Widlitz provides clients with a global competitive analysis of the apparel, luxury, footwear, department store, athleisure, discount and grocery space.…

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