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The Graduate: Jolawn Victor, Chief International Officer at Headspace

This month’s The Graduate features Jolawn Victor, MBA ‘09, Chief International Officer of Headspace, Inc, where she oversees Headspace’s international operations and expansion. Headspace is a mindfulness app containing guided meditations and sleep-casts that promote a better mind and overall well-being. Her career began in engineering, followed by an MBA at Stern that pivoted her to marketing, and she ultimately transitioned from consumer packaged goods to technology. Jolawn’s global C-suite executive role now is the culmination of her experience spanning numerous industries, markets, and continents. I had the pleasure of getting to know Jolawn from not just a career standpoint, but from one that anyone (especially women) can find inspiring in making your mark in any room you step into.…

The Graduate: Nadja Bellan-White, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Vice Media

This interview has been edited for conciseness and clarity.

This month’s “The Graduate ” features Nadja Bellan-White, who is the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Vice Media. Since receiving her MBA from Stern, she has had an eminent 25+ year career in brand transformations at Digitas, Publicis Modem, and Ogilvy, where she became CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Africa and consequently Executive Partner/Chief Client Officer of Ogilvy in London. Her career, beginning in New York, has taken her across the world to help brands through pivotal transformations. Notable brand transformations Nadja has worked on include for clients such as American Express, LG Electronics, IKEA North America, RBS Citizens, Bharti Airtel, Coca-Cola, Siemens, and Safaricom/Vodaphone.…

The Graduate: Mark Smukler

“Find the intersection of what you’re passionate about and what you’re good at, find an opportunity that fits that intersection – and then pursue it. And don’t give up.” – Mark Smukler

The Oppy is reconnecting with some prominent NYU Stern alumni with our ‘Graduate’ series. Each month, we’ll interview notable alumni that have made an impact on their community and industry.

This month, The Oppy is featuring Mark Smukler (‘12), CEO and founder of Flow, a location-based app that makes it easy to discover and access the best coworking spaces, gyms, spas, and experiences around you. Mark and I sat down, virtually, to talk about his journey from finance to entrepreneurship, proptech, future of work and the challenges of building a marketplace business.…

The Next Step: Ross Gordon of Sounder

‘The Next Step’ is a monthly series that features recent graduates who’ve made exciting moves after Stern. We hope that their stories will inspire you and excite you about what’s next.

This month, The Oppy is featuring Ross Gordon (Dec. ‘21), soon-to-be tech MBA and chief of staff at, a podcast company that is shaping the future of audio. As a former colleague of mine from our LinkedIn days, I was delighted to sit down with Ross and to have the opportunity to share his story. Read on to learn more about Ross’ professional journey and his non-traditional path through the Tech MBA and to Sounder, which involved ingenuity, hard work and a touch of serendipity.…

The Graduate: The NFL’s Blake Stuchin Plots Football’s Digital Game Plan

There is a reason all of us Sternies choose to pursue an MBA here, and Blake Stuchin is honest about his.

“Some people choose the school based on the quality of the program or the nature of the job placement,” Stuchin says. “I chose it because I was already in Union Square and I had a great deal on an apartment.”

He is being tongue-in-cheek, of course. Talk with Stuchin for a few minutes about New York University and you’ll find he has experience with more schools under the NYU umbrella than most. While Stuchin is a Stern graduate, his parents met as students at NYU in the 1970s, and his wife holds a masters from NYU’s Integrated Marketing program.…

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