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Posts published in “Humor”

Dear Oppy: April Edition

Dear Oppy,

I’m stranded in a foreign country due to the pandemic, and I am trying to get some information on how to get back. I don’t speak the local language and I’m struggling to understand what is going on. Do you have any advice?


Locked in Translation

Locked in Translation,

Mezu automatizatua: Sentitzen dut, gure posta elektronikoko sistemak desagertuta daude. Bilatu webgunea eta jarri harremanetan gure ordezkariekin tokiko hizkuntza laguntza lortzeko. Itxaroteko denbora izugarriak izaten ari gara eta ez dugu ingelesez hitz egiten. Eskerrik asko Oppy maitea idazteagatik!


Dear Oppy,

My roommate and I have been spending way too much time together since Coronavirus shut down the city.…

Dear Oppy: March Edition

We are proud to introduce our inaugural agony advice column, Dear Oppy: B-School Advice for the Everyday Sternie.

Oppy can be quite Stern at times but is here to answer the queries and qualms of all MBA students so send them his/her way at [email protected].

Dear Oppy,

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, keeps using the term “pivot.” Half the time they use the term incorrectly and I just want them to slap them until they pivot into some sense. Please help so I don’t actually slap anyone…


Kvetching in Kimmel

Dear Kvetching,
While it can be frustrating to hear your classmates misuse or overuse a term, you must remember that “pivot” won MBA Word of the Year in 2019 and 2018…and it’s looking like a forerunner in 2020 too.…

Operations and Entertainment in Las Vegas: All That Glitters

From January 13 to 18, Stern students gathered in Las Vegas for the 12th edition of Professor Harry Chernoff’s Operations and Entertainment: Las Vegas course. Through more than a dozen site visits and guest lectures, the course delivered a peek behind the curtain at key Vegas industries.

The entertainment visits were, arguably, the headliners of the week. The group took a behind-the-scenes tour of Cirque du Soleil’s water-themed show O, and the complex mechanics behind the 1.2 million gallon pool at its center, before attending an evening performance. 

Ultimate Fighting Championship COO, Lawrence Epstein delivered an in-depth look at the growth, evolution, and international success of the company.…

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