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DBi Israel January 2020: Lectures, Cultural Visits, and Hummus

By Alyssa Wypychoski

It was Saturday night in Tel Aviv and forty Sternies crowded around the Renaissance hotel lobby bar for the Welcome Happy Hour. Some had just arrived straight from the airport, others spent the day wandering the city and beach; everyone excited for the upcoming two weeks in Israel. With an early start Sunday morning, the group hopped on the bus to meet our wonderful university hosts, Hila, Idit, and Inna, and driver, Avner. 

Our first day at Tel Aviv University (TAU) included a program inauguration, an “Israel at a Glance” course with Professor Uriya Shavit, and an onsite museum tour; Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot.…

DBi Hong Kong 2020: Eating & Learning in High Density

By Anna Ward

Every city is known for something – New York is known for convenience, where you can access anything you want at any hour of the day. San Francisco and Los Angeles are known for their proximity to nature and incredible outdoor activities. Chicago is known for its architecture and waterfront. Hong Kong is usually known for its density. But with that density comes incredible proximity to nature, amazing convenience, world class offerings, and a breathtaking skyline surrounded by mountains and waterfront on all sides.

During the January DBi to Hong Kong, 26 students and I had the opportunity to take advantage of all that Hong Kong had to offer.…


As I dragged my suitcase, which had somehow lost all its wheels on its journey from New York, through Beijing International Airport, I began to wonder what exactly had I signed up for. Being a “wing-it” type of gal, my preparation for coming to a country that had limited English and serious internet-browsing restrictions involved printing some Stern emails and a photo of the hotel. As I searched the airport for an ATM at 2am, I mentally berated myself for not converting any dollars into yuan prior to arriving. I had remembered after landing that the taxis only took cash. I got my yuan, handed the driver my photo of the Crowne Plaza, and prayed that I was headed to the right place.…

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