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(Updated) Marathon Fever: Spotlight on Ben Gomilla

Years Running

On and off for about 8 years but have taken it seriously the last 2 years.

Most Anticipated Part of Running NYC

Everything I’ve heard about from friends who have run is that there is so much energy in the air when running. I’m looking forward to being a part of the whole experience. This race is a culmination of almost 2 years of hard work and early morning workouts. In terms of fitness I kind of let myself go a few years ago and decided to turn it around in January 2017. I never could have imagined I would be running a marathon two years ago and am excited to cross that finish line for the first time.

(Updated) Marathon Fever: Spotlight on Christina Bohn

Years Running

My relationship with running has had its ups and downs through my adult life—I signed up for cross country in high school because I hated running but I wanted to like it. Ran a few 5k’s in college but really became a distance runner post-undergrad. The first week of my full time job post-grad I signed up for my first half Marathon—the Philly Half.

Most Anticipated Part of Running NYC

I’m really excited to be out on the marathon course, seeing parts of the city I’ve never been to before, seeing other runners achieve this incredible accomplishment. Last year I was able to stand at the finish line and seeing everyone’s face as they cross the finish is what really inspired me to sign up.

Spotlight on Maria Espinosa for National Hispanic Heritage Month

In a timely overlap with National Hispanic Heritage Month (celebrated from September 15th to October 15th), the international community welcomed the first female President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to be from Latin America and the Caribbean. Maria Fernanda Espinosa became the fourth woman to ever be President of the UNGA and is hosting the Heads of State for the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly.

The President of the UNGA is voted by the representatives on an annual basis and holds a respectable, highly-regarded position in the international body. The General Assembly consists of representatives from all Member States, each of which has one vote.…

Experience a Classic Autumn in New York

Sure, the fall semester is in full swing, and it’s time to get cracking on those case studies and page-long stats formulas. But, there’s no way to sustain the level of intensity an MBA requires without taking a break from time to time.

We’re here to show you that there’s much more to do to break the monotony of coursework than just Beer Blast. Get out, enjoy the changing weather, and explore your new surroundings. Here’s an exhaustive, but far from definitive, list of fun seasonal activities to do in the NYC area.


Apple Picking in Hudson Valley

Fall is a time for harvest, and what better way to enjoy it than going to a pick-your-own farm?

A Day in the Life of a Stern Summer Intern

The semester has barely started, but already recruitment is in full swing, with applications opening up for summer 2019 internships.

It’s a stressful time for students, a time for reflecting on what it is they want to achieve here at Stern. But it’s also the perfect opportunity for those wishing to experiment and try on a role in a different industry. For many, it’s simply a dress rehearsal for a job post-MBA.

Although a lot rides on it, summer internships are also one of the most fulfilling experiences students gain from their Stern journey, as so many Sternies can testify to. 

Your Guide to a Weekend in the Rockaways

Before summer officially winds down, take a chance to explore the Rockaways, New York City’s very own beach getaway, replete with old New York charm, New England-y style bungalows, a pristine beach and hip locales.

It wasn’t always such an easy trek to arrive there, but with improved service on the A train and a new NYCEDC-run direct ferry line, the Rockaways are the perfect weekend escape for city slickers.

The area has had a surge in investment in the years since Hurricane Sandy. The five-and-a-half-mile long boardwalk, once made of rickety wood planks, is now a sleek feat of engineering in concrete, that runs all the way from Belle Harbor to Far Rockaway.

The Oppy Editors Share Their Top Reads for Summer 2018


“I immediately pre-ordered this book. It’s a posthumous memoir by the New York Times street fashion photographer who was immortalized in the indecently charming documentary Bill Cunningham New York. True to form, he painstakingly prepared his memoir by typewriter, then hid it, to be found after his death. Bill (we’re apparently on a first name basis) was an incredible example of one who forged a career path to suit his passions where none had existed.”

— Jamie Quiroz, AVP Relations







“To steal a quote from a book critic,’It’s like combining Warren Buffet’s wisdom with Michael Lewis’s writing.’…

Shifting Gears: Book Picks for Winter Break

Can you feel it? Winter break is coming. Turn in your last final and pick up a copy of a book that will put you in a different kind of headspace.


Symphony for the City of the Dead: Dmitri Shostakovich and the Siege of Leningrad by M.T. Anderson

If talking about early 20th-century Russia gets your heart racing, this is your book. If it doesn’t, this could still be your book. Symphony for the City of the Dead gives an unpretentious, accessible history of the Russian Revolution, industrialization, and life under Stalin. Told through the lens of the era’s most prolific classical composer, it’s a shadowy biography wrapped in a national history wearing the cloak of a spy thriller, with a killer soundtrack.…

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