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Posts published in “Covid”

The Boost to the Covid Vax

The air is brisk, the days are shorter, and the temperature is dropping, which can only mean one thing: It’s respiratory virus season. Or at least it’s a notable season for us health care workers, especially those of us who work in pediatrics. Respiratory viruses increase in prevalence during the winter months. This is because viruses can survive longer in colder temperatures and lower humidity and because people spend more time inside during the winter. But I’m not here to remind you of elementary science. I’m here to talk about the science behind the Covid vaccine and some of the uncertainties.…

Covid Journals: We’re Back!

This month marked a significant milestone for the Stern community as it navigates (hopefully) the final stages of the Covid-19 Pandemic in New York City. While some in-person classes were taught over the course of the summer, with others still remote, the Fall 2021 Semester has seen in-person classes and on-campus learning return full throttle.

Walking through a bustling Washington Square Park filled with street performers and undergrads eating their lunch or sitting in a full KMC classroom, masked though we all may be, are significant milestones that also require a very real mental shift. For some of us, our Stern educations have been exclusively online or close to it.…

Covid Journal: Pandemic Puppy

It’s been a hell of a year, or 14 months at this stage. I spent the first six months of the pandemic working almost every night in two different hospitals, and the second six months repressing emotions related to what I experienced during the first half. During that time, I started to work less and to fill my time more, I threw myself into school, clubs, running, and friendships. However, I still felt isolated living alone. Add in a series of unfortunate events, and the pandemic blues finally got me.

If you know anything about me, it’s that I am a very positive person.…

I was almost lost in the pandemic — but not from Covid-19

By Amy Vinciguerra

I felt a jolt as the stretcher popped up. I was drifting in and out of consciousness, but awake long enough to hand my phone to my husband — watching his wife get strapped into a stretcher with tears in his eyes — and asked him to text my boss that I wouldn’t be at work that day. I’ll never forget the look on my husband’s face, but he did it. Our choices say a lot about our priorities. And this choice, to think of work before my husband beside me or my own health in that moment, has stayed with me since. …

Covid Journal: Traveling during Covid (yes, you can)

By Nicolaus Schmandt

COVID has decimated the travel industry unlike any other event in memory. While tragic, it can also be a huge opportunity for those who are still willing to travel, as destinations that are open are offering once-in-a-lifetime deals to lure people out of the lockdowns and get revenue coming in again. The many people in the travel industry would love for you to take advantage of them, too. And though nothing is stopping you from traveling, you do have to pay close attention to any special rules and testing requirements, and not everywhere is open.

The rules and restrictions you face will depend on where you are going (and of course, don’t forget to check for any rules and requirements to get back home).…

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