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Posts published in “Sustainability”

The Save Soil Movement

“The magic of soil is to turn death into life.” – Mr. Jaggi Vasudev

Sternies, as spring is springing around us and you feel tempted by the colors of the blossoming flowers, the thrill of eating on patios surrounded by plastic or (occasionally) real leaves, the deliciousness of freshly squeezed orange juice coming out of a wholesome orange, and fulfilling bike rides around Central Park to enjoy the smell of the green grass, you may want to think about the ultimate enabler of all that happiness, i.e., the soil.


It’s easy to forget about soil in New York because we can hardly spot it.…

Plastic Bag Ban Comes to New York

New York made history on March 1, becoming the second state
in the country to pass a plastic bag ban. While the ban is state-wide, it is
being augmented by localities in different ways; some are providing paper bags
as alternatives without a cost or allowing grocery stores like Wegmans to
charge a fee per paper bag. In the case of New York City, the ban comes with a
five-cent fee for each paper bag sold at grocery and retail stores. The ban is
specific to single-use plastics given at the counter and has exceptions, such
as those used to contain meat or fish.…

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