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Stern Team Takes on BMW’s Electric Vehicles and Its Place in the Circular Economy

Cover photo: The Stern team includes Ben Gottesdiener, Jessica Tou, Leslie Chao and Phil Schroder.

From design to production, BMW’s i3 and i8 models represent today’s standards of sustainable automobiles. The global automobile leader approached the Stern Signature Project team on the commercialization of electric vehicles (EVs) and kicked off their engagement by posing two questions: What are sustainable business models of dismantling electric off-lease vehicles? How can the most valuable component, the released battery capacity, be marketed most efficiently? 

“BMW asked us to help them think through how to most effectively monetize its fleet of off-lease (cars being returned from lease) electric vehicles,” said Ben Gottesdiener (Stern MBA ‘20).…

Introducing A Selection of This Year’s $300K Challenge Finalists

Four finalist teams talk about their passion, sharing how the team came together and their favorite moments.

CariedAway is keeping kids cavity-free through preventive care treatments performed conveniently in school settings rather than at dentists’ offices.

Left to right: Richard Niederman and Pratik Sourav (not pictured: Habib Benzian and Anthony Donadia)
Photo credit: Courtesy of W.R. Berkley Innovation Labs

What idea are you bringing to the $300K Challenge?  

CariedAway brings care to kids in schools. Specifically, we bring cavity prevention to kids. Cavities are a preventable bacterial infection, technically called “caries.” Hence the name CariedAway.

Care through our services takes less than 15 minutes twice per year and reduces cavities by almost 80 percent.…

Eyes on Xiaomi: A Worthy Challenger to the Maker of the iPhone

During one January intensive course, the class talked about how
the Beijing-based electronics company Xiaomi grew so fast, so soon. In just
eight years, Xiaomi went from a team of eight engineers to a publicly traded
company with an implied valuation of $54 billion that could rival Apple. With
Apple predicting lower revenue generation this year, eyes are on Xiaomi, whose
differentiated product strategy and vision about global consumerism may prove
to be more enduring.  

Many refer to Xiaomi as China’s Apple. While true that Xiaomi
learned a lot from Apple in terms of strategy, the company has developed its
own path to success.…

Sternies on the Strip: “Even the Devil Needs Logistics”

MBA Sternies took Las Vegas by storm on January 13 as part of the annual winter on-site intensive course called “Operations in Entertainment: Las Vegas,” taught by Professor Harry Chernoff. It was the 11th session since the course took off in 2009, and this year, the professor’s theme was very much centered around “Even the Devil Needs Logistics,” aiming to enhance students’ exposure to how entertainment is supplied by the leaders of Las Vegas. The course curriculum contrasts the off-strip local offerings of Station Casinos’ Red Rock Resorts with the legacy strip hotels and casinos including the Bellagio, MGM and Aria.

Overall, the class hit over 20 site visits including companies representing: hotel and casinos, food and beverages, gaming, real estate development, and the city’s exciting nightlife — think the LIGHT Vegas nightclub, UFC, and Cirque du Soleil!…

Phase of the Moon Bite: Food Period Co-founders Guide Women Through Their Cycles

Following the startup journey, the Stern Oppy continues its coverage of the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge with an exclusive interview with Food Period, the winners of last year’s New Venture Competition and the $75,000 prize. Back in March, we caught co-founders Britt Martin and Jenn Kim when they were busy being semi-finalists and today, they’re busier than ever in growing their business.

Food Period allows women to choose a natural alternative over pharmaceuticals when managing their menstrual cycle. Rooted in seed syncing or seed cycling, their Moon Bites are made of mainly raw seeds that “supports [the] body’s natural ability to modulate sex hormone production and elimination,” according to their website.…

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