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Disrupting an Underwater Market: Swimsuits

EEX Explores how a former Sternie is Making a Needed Splash

It may come as a surprise to male readers, but many women would rather get a cavity filled than go swimsuit shopping.

Why? Imagine getting nearly naked in a tiny dressing room with terrible lighting, inevitably feeling paler and less toned than you’d like, fending off pushy saleswomen, and then trying to find a swimsuit that isn’t too frumpy or too skimpy – one that fits your body perfectly… because even a half-inch too big or too small will leave you pulling and tugging for your entire vacation.

It’s no wonder that women call the experience “frustrating,” “humiliating,” and even “traumatic.”…

A Few Thoughts on SXSW 2017

Through a B-School Student Lens, It Almost Writes Itself

Each year, thousands of people gather in Austin for one of the year’s highlight events for techie and creative types alike–and there’s no shortage of business insight for a Sternie to find in the shuffle. Here are a few points I couldn’t ignore:

SXSW was more of a logistic nightmare than it usually is.

In case Twitter hasn’t already made this apparent through one meme too many, people were panicking in Austin when they opened their Uber and Lyft apps to get around for SXSW. Austin voted to increase regulation on background checks for Uber and Lyft drivers in May 2016.…

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